Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to be a fast swimmer to make the team?

No.  The Sharks are open to anyone with an interest in swimming, who can meet the minimum requirements.  Although some swimmers go on to swim in college and at national meets, many others will simply have a lot of fun, get great exercise, and compete against other swimmers at the same level as themselves.  Unlike other sports, there are no “bench warmers” in swimming.

What are the minimum swimming requirements to make the team?

The swimmer should be able to swim one length of the pool freestyle (with rotary- or side-breathing) and backstroke. 

What if I can’t decide if my swimmer belongs on the team?

Many times this is a question of desire rather than ability.  The Sharks are known for our great program many successes over the years, but all of them had to start somewhere!  We love to have new swimmers join and promise to develop them in a positive, nurturing environment.  All new members are invited to join us for a try out period and then the coach will help you decide.

How often should my swimmer attend practice to get faster?

Jr. Sharks: 3 times per week

Gold Group: 3-4 times per week

Age Group: 4-5 times per week

Senior Group (1&2): 4-5 times per week

Senior Group (3): 7-9 times per week

Are the Sharks too competitive?

The Sharks are designed to provide the opportunity for all interested swimmers to participate in competitive swimming at whatever level they choose.  It is the goal of this program to provide the opportunity for those who want to be recreationally competitive and also the opportunity to pursue the highest levels of swimming!

How much does it cost?

The Sharks Swimming Team season is broken up into quarters.  We offer payment plans to support quarterly, half year, and annual commitments.  There are two basic charges that are involved.  The first charge is the annual team registration.  This is a once per swim team year,  fee that is assessed to cover costs such as but not limited to: USA Registration (required for all members regardless of competition level), team t-shirt, team cap, and other administrative costs associated with the smooth operation of the team.  The second charge is a practice fee.  This fee may vary in amount by the practice group that the swimmer is involved in. 

Please contact the swim team office directly for specific fee information. 

Are meets required?

Our developing Sharks practice group allows swimmers to learn the skills necessary to compete in an instructional environment.  All other Sharks practice groups will require a certain level of competitive participation.  Most participants enjoy swimming in meets once they get over the initial anxiety.  It is also a great social time for the swimmers and parents- a time to celebrate all of their hard work and to bond as a team.