Training Groups

The Sharks offer training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Sharks Swimming to offer age and skill specific training for all of our athletes geared toward challenging each individual and developing each athlete to the best of his or her abilities. 

Age Group Program (14 & Under)

  • Bronze - Athletes who are new to the sport with no prior swim team experience. This program is designed to introduce young swimmers to the sport of swimming. Practices emphasize introducing and refining the four competitive strokes with lap by lap instruction and feedback.  

  • Silver - Newer athletes with some base skill or experience but who are still developing basic skills and proficiency in all gour strokes. Practices will focus on technique and skill refinement in a structured workout. Silver swimmers will be introduced to basic dryland strength training through games and activities to promote movement and function.  

  • Gold - Athletes who know all four strokes and are ready for basic conditioning but still require skill and technique development. Gold athletes have some competitive experience, have shown a willingness to be challenged, and are ready to start setting goals. Athletes in the Gold group will be introduced to basic bodyweight strength training. 

  • Platinum I - Athletes with a strong technical foundation with consistent and disciplined training habits who are ready to be introduced to higher intensity endurance training. Technique and skills will continue to be refined while beginning to develop the metabolic systems used in a race. Dryland becomes a more important component of training with the goal of developing mobile, coordinated, strong, well-rounded athletes. 

  • Platinum II - Athletes with a strong technical foundation who are ready to be challenged daily in order to perform at the top of their age bracket. A strong emphasis is placed on conditioning and high intensity endurance training while refining technique and skills. Dryland and strength training will be emphasized to develop well-rounded athletes who are ready for the demand of the senior program. 

Click Here for a detailed breakdown of the youth training groups

Senior Program (15 & Over)

  • Senior 1 - This training group provides and opportunity for high school swimmers to develop and improve skills and fitness levels necessary to train and compete. Athletes in the Senior 1 group will focus on refining technique and race skills while being introduced to the conditioning program of the Senior 2 & 3 groups. 

  • Senior 2 - This training group is designed for high school athletes who are experienced and proficient, qualify for state and sectional level meets and are working on achieving their first national cut. Coaching equally emphasizes conditioning and skill refinement.

  • Senior 3 - This group focuses on the training and conditioning needed to compete at the national level while sriving to qualify for top tier national meets. mended.