Sharks Swimming

About the Sharks

The Sharks Swimming Team is a competitive swimming team for athletes age 6 and older with a long history of promoting a love of the sport of swimming and instilling the values necessary for success in and out of the pool, from novice swimmers to national qualifiers. Our mission is to inspire and guide each athlete to achieve their highest potential in and out of the water. Head Coach Eric Peterson has been leading Sharks Swimming since 2003. 

Sharks Swimming operates out of multiple sites on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. We offer practices in Shaker Heigts (the original home of the Sharks) and Euclid, OH, our newest site added in 2021. 

Sharks Swimming is a member club of USA Swimming. USA Swimming is the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the United States and is America's largest program of guided fitness activity for children. It is the organization that conducts the Olympic Trials for the sport of swimming in the United States and selects our country's national team.

Our Objectives

Our goal is to guide swimmers of all ages and abilities to reach their goals through:

  • Excellence: We belive in training hard and becoming the most competitive swimmers and team that we can be. 

  • Motivation and Discipline: We belive that a strong work ethic and committment are the key elements to acheiving success in swimming and in life. 

  • Teamwork and Sportsmanship: We believe that swimming is a team sport. When swimmers work hard togther and support each other, they achieve greatness. 

  • Safety, Respect, and Responsibility: We expect swimmes to conduct themselves appropriately, whether at practice, in competition, or in the community. We will ensure all swimmers are provided with a safe environment in which they feel suported and encouraged to achieve their best. 

  • Communication: We believe that active communication between the team, coaches, families, and community is critical to building positive relationships and ahieving success. 

  • Lifelong Fitness: We believe that swimming is a life-long activity that helps promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Why Choose Sharks Swimming?

There are many swim teams around. What is it that makes Sharks Swimming different from the rest? Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Low coach to swimmer ratios to maximize individual instruction. 
  • Flexible practice schedules that allows young swimmers to participate in other activities. 
  • Practices prioritize stroke development and techniques. 
  • Professional, highly educated, and experienced coaches and staff. 
  • Affordable and straight-forward billing.