November 2019 Shaker Sharks Newsletter

Jen and Tony Kuhel

In this Newsletter...

News from Head Coach Eric Peterson

Thank you for all your support!  What a great job we did as a team for the Swim-a-thon. We raised over $9,500.00. A portion of those monies goes to the USA SWIMMING FOUNDATION, which supports learn to swim programs and other efforts to promote and support the sport. The majority of our fundraising is used to help support the daily activities we do at each practice. We couldn’t do it all without your help.  

Great job this weekend at the Tri-meet in Solon. We had many personal best swims, lots of first time experiences for competition, distance, and events. Keep up the good work!  

Apparel orders and suit orders are in. See a coach at practice if you have questions about your order.  

A few important reminders:


  • Shaker Sharks Invitational: THIS IS OUR BIG MEET! We are the host and we encourage all of our members to participate!  This is one of the largest meets in Northeast Ohio. We need lots of volunteers to help run this meet. Now that your swimmer has been entered, PARENTS WE NEED YOU TO SIGN UP FOR A VOLUNTEER POSITION. We will help you. You don’t need to be an expert at any of the jobs. We have a great group of veterans who are very willing to help. Proceeds from hosting this meet are a major factor in keeping our practice fees down. Log in to your Shaker Sharks account, click on Job Signup on the Shaker Sharks Invitational under Team Events.
  • Middle School and High School swim team seasons have now started. A couple of things happen at this time. Practices. MS and HS swim team members should attend practices with their respective schools. MS & HS swimmers are allowed to participate in USA meets until they compete for their school. Check with your school coach and let them know when you are planning to compete in USA meets. When MS or HS season is complete, you are welcome to rejoin the Shaker Sharks practices. Best of luck for a successful season to all our Shaker Shark Middle School and High School swimmers!  
  • R eminder that practice calendars and meet signups are located on the team website. This is the best place to check practice schedules.
See you on deck,

Senior Group News

Nice job this month. Training is continuing to improve. Improvements are showing up in competitions as well. Keep up the good work!  

High School season is upon us. Reminder, HS swimmers are able to compete in USA meets through the Shaker Sharks Invitational. Then we’ll just focus on HS meets until mid to late February and then rejoin USA meets and Sharks practices.

Masters News

Practices are going very well.  Visit for information about upcoming meets in our area.  

Our next breakfast will be held on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the Woodbury pool after practice.  Lanes 5 & 6 will be asked to help at this one.  

Also, we run a very flexible practice schedule. If you come late or leave early, that is fine, just do so in a courteous manner.  

  • If you arrive for practice late: Just hop in and join the set in progress. You can ask a coach, if available or lane mates or just swim easy until the next set starts and you’ll get the full explanation.  
  • If you leave before the practice is over: Just let your lane mates know you are leaving. Best to try and leave at the end of a set, not mid-set.  

Thank you and keep up the great work.  Lots of improvements going on with our group.  

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