Getting Started

  1. Set up SMS and verify
    • We have the ability to send text messages to different roster groups should the need arise. Make sure you're in the loop by setting up now:
      Setting up Email and SMS Information

  2. Set up Auto Pay
    • Never be late with payments by setting up Auto Pay.  TU bills monthly for any outstanding fees that you accrue during the season (meet entry fees, additional team t-shirts, etc.).  
    • To set up Auto Pay, click on "My Account" and then "Set Up Auto Pay" in the right-hand navigation bar to enter your credit card information for your account.
    • Is Auto Pay secure?
  3. Watch the tutorials - we've put together a list of tutorials you should watch to get started with making the most of the system:
  4. Download the On Deck Application (Android and iOS both available).  
    • Our alias is lesssc (Lake Eerie Solon Stars Swim Club)
    • See quick start guide, above!


Have Questions?

Have a question that's not answered on the website?  Feel free to contact members of the Parent Board or Coaches by going to the appropriate link on the homepage, and sending one of us an email.