Rules for Meets & Practices (COVID-19)

1. Due to COVID-19 protocols, parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practices or meets.  You will need to drop your child off at the check-in desk and they enter through the bathrooms and a coach will check the swimmer in.  You may observe from the grass area around the pool deck.


2. Please arrive early, ready to swim with a face mask on to check in with the coach, and get your temperature checked. Wear your suit to practice; no locker rooms will be available for changing or showering. Bring swim fins, a towel, and goggles. 


3. All swimmers will need to wear a mask as they enter the building and then exiting the building. All swimmers will exit through the gates. 


4. Meets will be split by age groups so that half swim on Wednesday and half swim on Saturday.  One team will be scheduled to host the Wednesday and the opponent will host Saturday.  Age groups and which day will be determined by the board and coaches and may change each week.


5. All swimmers always need to remember to behave appropriately and follow social distancing and mask-wearing.  If there are any issues, we may need to ask the swimmer to leave that practice or meet.


6. Volunteering – all families are required to volunteer for the meets.  There will be only 1 timer per lane.  If you choose to volunteer, then you will be allowed on the pool deck.  If you do not volunteer, then you are not allowed on the pool deck.


7. There will be 5 regular season meets and an All-Star Meet for qualifying swimmers.  There will be no Divisionals meet this season.  To allow for adequate social distancing, each team will compete against one team each week, with age groups split between Wednesday evenings (Meet A) and Saturday mornings (Meet B).  (Pending league approval, ages 11 & up will compete on Wednesday evenings and ages 10 & under will compete on Saturday mornings.)