Swim Cap Orders

2019 Lansdowne Lightning Swim Cap

The team swim caps have a new style this year!  Swim caps are black with a yellow lightening bolt and are made of silicone with a wrinkle free fit for reduced drag. We offer caps in two styles: standard or long hair.  Swim caps are are recommended, but not required for swimmers

All orders and payments must be received by Friday, May 17

Swim caps will be available at Time Trials on Saturday, June 8

Personalized Swim Caps
Personalized swim caps are $30 for 2 caps.
Personalized swim caps must be ordered in pairs with the same name on both caps (usually last name). 
Non-personalized Swim Caps
Non-personalized swim caps are $10 each.

Place orders using the Swim Cap Order Form.  Mail completed order form(s) and payment to Elissa Seweryniak (address is on the form).