Volunteer Jobs

Volunteer signup is associated with each meet/time trials.

Select at the meet or time trial you wish to volunteer and then select an available role.

There is no prior training needed for most of these jobs.  An informational session will be held for timers, age group coordinators, and clerks of course prior to the start of each meet to help you be successful. If you have any questions please ask.

Age Group Coordinators

12 volunteers needed per meet - 6 per shift. Responsibilities include:

  1. Each Age Group Coordinator will receive meet sheets prior to the start of the meet by the Clerk of Course. Make sure you hand off the meet sheet to the person taking over from you at the start of the second shift.
  2. Each Age Group Coordinator will be assigned two of the following age groups: boys/girls 6 and under; boys/girls 7 8; boys/girls 9 - 10; boys/girls 13 - 14 & 15 - 18 age groups. 
  3. Each Age Group Coordinator should pick up their age group signs at the time they check in with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  4. Each Age Group Coordinator will be responsible for preparing their age group before they are due to swim their event; escort them to the deck chairs; the clerk of course will ensure they are seated properly and moved up to swim in their heat.
  5. Any line up problems should be directed to the Clerk of Course.
  6. Each Age Group Coordinator must ensure that all swimmers are properly handed off to the Clerk of Course prior to leaving the swimmers.
  7. Each Age Group Coordinator is required to stay until the end of their shift (for first half volunteers) or the end of the meet (for second half volunteers).

The Head Clerk of Course: (Pre-requisite: Shadow experienced Head Clerk of Course for one full meet)

In the Lansdowne Lightning home meets the Head Clerk of Course is responsible for managing the deck, working with the assistant clerks, as well as age group coordinators and staging coordinators to ensure that swimmers are organized  on the deck, lined up in the correct heat and lane positions, in plenty of time for their start. The Head Clerk of Course endeavors to keep the meet running efficiently and on time. The Head Clerk of Course will work with the starter, Head Referee and Head Computer Operator to combine heats and/or events whenever feasible if doing so will expedite the meet. The Head Clerk of Course is responsible for working with the Head Computer Operator to ensure that the Computer Operators, other Staging Coordinators and Age Group Coordinators are informed if there are changes to the meet sheet.

The Assistant Clerk of Course

In the Lansdowne Lightning home meets the Assistant Clerk of Course is responsible for assisting the Head Clerk of Course, Age Group Coordinators, and Staging Coordinators to ensure the ensure the swimmers are in the correct heat and lane positions such that the meet is running as efficiently as possible. In away meets the Assistant Clerk of Course represents the Lansdowne lightning as “The Clerk”) and reports to the away team’s Head Clerk of Course. In away meets the Assistant Clerk will inform the Lansdowne Lighting Age Group Coordinators and Lansdowne Lightning Staging Area Coordinator as to the away team’s procedures for ensuring swimmers are lined up in the appropriate places and times. The Assistant Clerk of Course will work with the other team’s Head Clerk of Course to communicate if there are any approved Lansdowne Lightning meet sheet changes, and ensure Lansdowne Lighting Age Group Coordinators are informed.

Staging Area Coordinators

For Lansdowne Lightning home meets there should be two people from the Lansdowne Lightning team and at least one from the visiting team on the deck for this position.  For the home meets one of the Staging Coordinators receives the swimmers from the age group coordinators and ensures the swimmers are staged on the lounge chairs in the correct heat and lane order. The other Staging Coordinator is responsible for ushering the heats of swimmers into the lanes of deck chairs. The last set of Staging Coordinators will confirm the swimmers are in the correct lane and heat and keeps the heats moving up from the chairs to the start. For the away meets the Staging Area Coordinator is on the deck assisting the Staging Coordinators from the visiting teams with moving swimmers into the correct position per direction from one of the Clerks of Course.\

For a home meet:

1 Head Clerk works the whole meet;
1 Assistant Clerk for each session (a session is half the meet)
2 Staging Coordinators for each session (a session is half the meet)

For away meet

1 Assistant Clerk each session (a session is half the meet)
1 Staging Coordinator for each session (a session is half the meet)


Head Timer

2 volunteers needed each meet - 1 per shift.  Responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinates timer training prior to the start of the meet and hands out watches, clipboards and pencils.
  2. Must have two stopwatches
  3. Makes sure timers are ready in all lanes; signal starter when timers are ready using prearranged signal.
  4. Will ensure that there is 1 Lansdowne timer in lanes 1, 3, 5 (home lanes) and 2 Lansdowne timers in 2, 4, 6 (away lanes).
  5. Start two watches when strobe light flashes on starting machine.
  6. Watch for any timers signaling that their watch isn't running correctly; give them one of the watches you started.
  7. At end of the heat, retrieve the watch you loaned.


18 volunteers needed per meet - 9 per shift. Responsibilities include:

  1. First half timers will work approximately 2 hours to cover the first 2 events (freestyle and backstroke). First half timers will be relieved by second half timers after the first two events are completed (after the backstroke event is complete).
  2. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet in order to obtain lane assignment, training and stopwatches.
  3. Be sure you have a stopwatch that works and that you know how to start, stop, and reset it.
  4. Be sure you have the correct lane card for the upcoming event; listen for any last minute lane changes.
  5. Be sure you know how many laps the swimmers will swim in their event.
  6. Be sure swimmer(s) in your lane are ready; if not signal to Head Timer.
  7. Using stopwatch, start stopwatch when strobe light flashes on starting machine.
  8. If stopwatch isn't running correctly, raise hand and call for Head Timer to give you a watch.
  9. Lean over pool edge as swimmer approaches end of heat; Stop watch when swimmer touches the wall.
  10. Double check that the swimmer's name on the lane card you have.
  11. Record all times from timers on lane card.


4 volunteers needed per meet - 2 per shift. Responsibilities include:

  1. Volunteers determine which lanes you will be working on during the meet.
  2. After heat is complete, collect cards from timers (and any DQ slips from stoke and turn judges), take any DQ slips to the referee for signing and deliver all slips to scorers table.

Computer Assistants for DQ's

2 volunteers needed per meet - Both second shift. Report to Computer Operator.  Responsibilities include:

  1. No technical skills needed.
  2. Organize, verify and find the DQ codes for Computer Operator.
  3. Provide additional support as needed by Computer Operator.

Heat Winner Ribbon Distributor

4 volunteers needed per meet - 2 per shift. Responsibilities include:

  1. Watch the races and distribute Heat Winner Ribbons to heat winner as the swimmer come out of the pool. This is done for every heat in every event except Time Trials.

Pool Setup (Home meets only)

3 volunteers needed for each setup prior to meets:

Initial Setup

Saturday meets: Friday night: 7 - 8 p.m.
Wednesday meets: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. for Wednesday meets

See reference sheet. Responsibilities include:

  1. Stack lounge chairs up against the fence creating the swimmer staging area.
  2. Place 2 chairs in front of each lane on the far side of the pool.
  3. Arrange the Lansdowne Lighting swim team area by placing all lounge chairs against the fence and setup a few in the middle of the area, circular to allow for Lansdowne Lightning tent in the middle of the area.
  4. Remove the lounge chairs just to the outside in front of the baby pool by stacking them up on top of each other in the baby pool area against the fence and stack any additional lawn chairs on top of each other in the baby pool area.
  5. Baby pool area should have 5-6 lawn chairs on each side of the baby pool as well as the small chairs against a fence creating the visiting team area.
  6. Place two of the large round tables next to each other to create the computer operator area in front of the staging area deck chairs.
  7. Place two large umbrellas pool side and run emergency tape from the life guard chair to the umbrellas.
  8. Push the picnic tables against railing.
  9. Place Lansdowne Lightning flag across the pool.
  10. Pull lane lines to create 6 lanes.
  11. Place two round tables pool side (staging are side) for computer operator, the tables should have umbrella to black out the sun.

 Final setup

Saturday meets: 1 hour before warm-ups
Wednesday meets: No later than 4:45 p.m. Wednesday afternoon 

  1. Ensure hand rails have been removed from swimming pool using special tool provided.
  2. Ensure the computer area is all setup.
  3. Setup the sound system for announcer.
  4. Setup 2 large canopy umbrella in the Lansdowne Team Area.
  5. Place lane markers against railing in front of the proper lane number.

Pool Breakdown

3 volunteers needed for break down following meet.

Saturday meets: Approximately 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Wednesday meets: Approximately 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Stay after the end of the meet to take down the backstroke flags, pick-up any trash that the teams missed, put tables and chairs away and return the pool furniture to its proper places.
  2. Re-install the hand rails in pool.
  3. Remove and store large canopy umbrellas.

Concession Stand

6 volunteers per meet - 3-4 per shift. Responsibilities include:

  1. 1st shift approximately start time 7:00 a.m./ 2nd shift approximately start time 9:30 a.m.
  2. Before the home meets, gather all food items and setup on table, setup three coolers one containing ice and bottle water, ice and sodas/juice, and the 3rd for volunteers filled with ice and water bottles.
  3. Have at least 2 volunteers to serve drinks and snacks periodically to meet workers including coaches.

Starter, Referee, Chief Judge, Stroke and Turn Officials and Computer Operator

Information on these roles, training and responsibilities.