Volunteer Information

The Lansdowne Lightning swim team is run by parent power. Active support by all parents is needed for a successful season. Home swim meet requires close to 75 parent volunteers and away meets need close to 40. With your help we will have successful and smooth meets.

Volunteer roles come in many forms. We're sure there is one or more that fit you.

Volunteer Registration (Job Sign Up) is available before each meet. Each family is required to volunteer.

Parent Volunteer Minimum Requirements per Family:

There are also a limited number of volunteer leadership roles including the board and committees.

Responsibilities of Volunteers

When registering your child for the Lansdowne Lightning you agree to fulfill the family volunteer requirements.  These include:

  • Signing up for and completing the necessary hours of volunteer work.

  • Finding replacements for your volunteer jobs if you must miss at the last minute.

  • Contacting our Volunteer Coordinator, if replacements or emergencies arise.

  • Checking in at Volunteer Check-in at the beginning of meets you are working.

  • Checking out at Volunteer Check-out at the end of meets you are working.

Jobs are broken into two sessions, each approximately 2 hours in length. Please note each family will be restricted to signing up for two (2) volunteer roles per meet. We request that families not perform all their volunteer hours at the beginning of the season as parent volunteers are needed throughout the summer swim season. Events requiring volunteer help include: 

  • Time Trials

  • Home Meets

  • Away Meets 

Parents whose children attend either All Stars or Divisionals must volunteer at either of those events or your child may not be able to participate in the meet. This is in addition to the regular summer swim season requirements.


Starter, Referee, Chief Judge, Stroke and Turn Officials and Computer Operator

Information on these roles, training and responsibilities.