2006 LMRT Program Awards
Congratulations to All Recipients!
 Future Stars Mens Womens
Rookie of the Year Aaron Jacobson Logan Brown
Most Improved Racer  Jack Pykosh Ofir Ravin
Highest Achievement Award Xavier Henschel Logan Brown
Fastest Kid on Earth Tommy Yost Paige Pfannenstiel
Carver of the Year  Kevin Cincotta  
 Junior Speed Racers J3/J4/J5 Mens Womens
Most Improved Racer  Dylan Kyriakopolous Liz Beaver
Highest Achievement Award Patrick Shire Brook Prince
Fastest Kid on Earth Adam Ginsberg Elaine Beaver
Carver of the Year  Sam Pensler Lynn Litton
 Senior Ski Champs J1/J2 Mens Womens
Rookie of the Year Mark Forbes
Michael Loggia
Madeline Jimerson
Skier of the Year Joseph Jampel Molly Miller
Most Improved Racer Nate Smith Sarah Milby
Highest Achievement Award   Robbie White Molly Miller