State Team &

Athletes Invited to Eastern USSA Post-Season Events:

Lauren Reck     Alternate to J1-2 Eastern Finals, 13th in PARA

Nils Kingston        State Team, 8th in PARA
Nathan Lebauer    Invited to Piche’s 19th in PARA

Kinjal Ruecker    State Team, 1st in PARA
Bee Klepper        Invited to Piche’s, 18th in PARA

Tyler Yost        Invited to Piche’s, 19th in PARA
Jack Harris    Alternate to Piche’s, 26th in PARA

J3 Derby Team

Ladina Braun     3rd in Central
Sarah Kim           4th in Central
Nicole Harrison  7th in Central

Nils Kingston         4th in Central
Tommy Yost            6th in Central
Nathan Lebauer     9th in Central
Kevin Cincotta       10th in Central
Kyle Commerford  11th in Central
Stephan Suh          14th in Central

J4-5 Derby Team

Kinjal Ruecker   1st  in Central
Emily Harris      10th in Central
Mia Zwally      11th in Central
Bee Klepper      13th in Central

Tyler Yost               7th in Central
Trevor Harrison     9th in Central
Alex Crute              10th in Central
Marcus Adam       11th in Central
Kaylen Frederick  12th in Central
Jack Harris            13th in Central
Noah Forman       14th in Central
Max Kirby                16th in Central

Most Improved:
Girls:  Alexandra Magdits
Boys: Doug Houston-ludlam

Highest Achievement:  
Girls: Kinjal Ruecker – 1st in PARA J4-5s
Boys: Nils Kingtson – 8th in PARA J3s


Dryland Training Award:
Corey Cutshall