Annual Registration Fees:

$80.00 per participant/athlete.  Each individual participating in an LMRT program is required to pay this fee which covers the Liberty Mountain Race Team portion of the US Ski & Snowboard Liability Insurance Fee and our own Administration fees.  This fee is independent of the program training fees and mandatory for each participating athlete and is non-refundable. The participant/athlete must still join USSS.

2022-2023 Program Training Fees
  • U21, U18 & U16 Race Programs - $1025
  • U14 & U12 Race Programs - $920
  • Development Team (U10) - $920
  • Future Stars (U8) - $650
  • Weeknight Gate Training - $250 (fee only pertains to non-LMRT athletes)
There is a $150 discount for each additional sibling registered at the same time.
Junior Race Program (U12 to U21): The Junior Race Program includes Weekend Race Training and Weeknight Gate Training* and Christmas Camp. (U12 weeknight gate training requires Coach approval).
Development Team (otherwise known as U10): This program includes Saturday and Sunday training and the optional Christmas Camp.  Weeknight Gate Training is not open to Dev Team participants (see the Dev Team Program page for more details). 
Future Stars (U8): This program includes 1 day of training per week (Sunday).  The Christmas Camp and weeknight training is not open to Future Star participants.
Billing for the Junior Race, Development Team, and Future Stars can be paid upfront or broken into 4 payments as follows:
1st at time of Registration: 1/4 of total fees
2nd - Nov 1st: 1/4 of total fees
3rd - Dec 1st: 1/4 of total fees
4th - Jan 1st: 1/4 of total fees
These amounts will be automatically charged to the credit card linked to your team account.
Weeknight Gate Training Only (limited to U14 & up, U12 with Coach approval): Weeknight Gate Training includes gate training on Thursday (and some Friday) nights only.  It is for non LMRT members from other USSS teams that want additional weeknight training and Masters racers.
USSS Membership
Each team Member, Coach and Board of Directors is REQUIRED to join United States Ski and Snowboard (USSS).  You can signup via this link.
USSS Membership Options:
- Development Team - must purchase Alpine Competitor
- U12 & up Race Programs - must purchase Alpine Competitor
- Future Stars - Alpine General (non-racing) or Alpine Competitor (recommended and required for competition in the LMRT GS race)
- Board of Directors - Alpine Volunteer or Alpine Official
- Parent Volunteers - no membership required for most duties
Lift Tickets

Each team Member must purchase a lift ticket to participate in a practice.  We recommend the Epic Local pass for U16 and older athletes, the Northeast Value pass for U14 and younger (note that the Epic Local has a lot more flexibility with out-of-area travel should families want to venture outside the northeast to ski).