Roundtop Roundup

Matt Superczynski

LMRT Tops Roundtop

By Staff Writer Alienor Campbell-Jourdan

LMRT took it to the top at Roundtop with great results across the board this past Saturday:


This race we were lacking our future star-super star Brielle Superczynski. No LMRT U8 girls participated.

U10 Girls

Our U10ers rocked the slopes with their technique and skill, with Elle Awanohara (3), Elena Bui (4), Talia Schady (7), Quinn Muller (9) and Caitlin Diel (10), the U10 girls are bound for greatness.

U12 Girls

Our consistent U12 girls did very well this race. The speedster Tara Tousimis Pak took third (3), with Alienor Campbell-Jourdan not too far away (5). The talented racers Sophia Bui (6), Claire Superczynski (7) and Sienna Gala (10) all were in the top 10 and did exceptionally well.

The Author Sport'n Her Game Face!

U14 Girls

The U14 girls are a small group that holds fabulous skiers. Julietta Bravo (5), Hanna Rosenbloom (12) and Elizabeth “Bibs” Riddell (13) all looked great on the difficult course.

U10 Boys

The U10 boys wowed everyone with their results, with William Holden (2), William Carroll (4) and Colin Murchison (5) making it into the top five.

U12 Boys

The U12 boys tried their hardest and it paid off! Junchao Wallace (14) and Jayden Suarez (17) both were in the top 20. The two Js are killing it!!!

U14 Boys

The U14 bunch is a big group who should not be messed with. Grady Hill (1) first, Lange Gaspar (3) and Andrei Nazlymov (4).  Eight other individuals were in the top 15, but it would take me too long to write all those names. Unfortunately, a big chunk of LMRT boys DNFed, but it shows how hard they are working.

Henry J Meiser about to Turn a Slalom Gate