The 2019 Liberty GS Race as Experienced by One of Our U14 Racers

Matt Superczynski

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Story By Staff Writer Diego Niiler

When my alarm went off at 6:30 in the morning, I grabbed my gear and headed to the lobby of the Country Inn, located in Gettysburg. I ate my breakfast which consisted of sugary Lucky Charms cereal, an apple, and a yogurt. I sat there with fellow teammates Lange Gaspar, Rafael Perez-Rivera, and Armstrong Curren. Then, I got in the car with Army and his mom and we headed off to Liberty.  As we arrived, we took our bags and skis and headed inside the alpine lodge. Once I finished grabbing my boots, I headed off to the Heavenly room to get my bib. While I was in line, Jackie Meiser, Henry’s mom stood up and made an important announcement: “Everyone! The Alpine Quad is down! A shuttle will come in to the bus loop and take racers to the back side!”

The moment she said that, I knew it was going to be a long morning. Jake Orenstein and I decided to go together on the shuttle to the back. If we thought that it was hot outside, we had no idea what was in store for us on the inside. Not only was there no air conditioning, none of the windows were open. It was like an oven in there. To add to all of this misery, every time the bus driver hit the brakes, everyone felt it. One time, he hit them so hard that everyone that was standing fell forward. Jake and I were some of the lucky few to get a seat but even then, there was minimal comfort. Once we got off the bus, we got on the chairlift and headed to inspection.

After our second inspection run, Stuart Campbell-Jourdan, Jack Murchison, Ryan Berger, and I decided to build a monster snowman. Standing at four feet tall was our beautiful masterpiece to which I gave the name Gordon. Everything was going well when all of a sudden, Brielle Superczynski, our one and only U8 decided to come up to Gordon and tackled him. All that remained of him was his head until she decided to stomp on it repeatedly. We mourned the loss of our snowman but decided to move on, because that’s what Gordon would’ve wanted. With nothing to do, we decided to just sit down and watch the racers go by.

It had been around half an hour since the loss of our snow friend when an anonymous individual decided to come down to the start shack with a Rockstar energy drink in hand. This anonymous individual decided to pour about half of his drink into the snow to make a Rockstar slushy. After this came the first run, inspection, lunch, and then the second run. In the U14 boys, coming in first place was Lange Gaspar followed by Tyler Superczynski (3), Andrei Nazlymov(4), Charlie Holden (5), William Andrews (6), Jacob Orenstein (8), Ryan Berger (9) , Diego Niiler (13), Stuart Campbell-Jourdan (15). As for our U14 girls, Julietta Bravo (8), Hanna Rosenbloom (10).

Moving on to our U12 boys, Max Awanohara (6), Jack Murchison (8), Jayden Suarez (11), Junchao Wallace (16). Coming in third place for the U12 girls was Sofia Bui, followed by Claire Superczynski (5), Claire Hydock (7), Tara-Tousimis Pak (8), Alienor Campbell-Jourdan (11). In our U10 boys, we had eight of them in the top fifteen those boys were Colin Murchison (5), Desmo Treiber (6), Kiyan Nanavatty (7), William Carroll (9), Alexander Farahpour (10), Matthew Traub (11), and Luke Finley (15). In our U10 girls, Elle Awanohara took home the gold finishing in first place! Followed by Elle were Elena Bui (4), Talia Schady (8), and Caitlin Diel (14). Now, last but not least are our U8 boys and girls. In third place for U8 boys, Austin Ihnat followed by Ethan Chen (4). In third place for U8 girls, Brielle Superczynski followed by Anjali Sharma in fourth place. Sunday was a good day for Liberty with Lange and Tyler coming in first and third for U14 boys, Elle coming in first for U10 girls, and Sofia coming in third for the U12 girls.

The race concluded with a raffle in the Eastwind room with amazing prizes such as 3 pairs of magnetic Zipline goggles, Rossignol bags, candies, and lots and lots of wine. It turned out to be a great race even with the lift being shut down. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out during the race!

Just a Couple of Our Many Volunteers.  Stephanie Gillard and Mary Kay Margolis, Part of our Time Poster Team Along with Brian Rosenbloom (not pictured).

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