Wings Only, Patriots Again? and Super G

Matt Superczynski

LMRT Speed Camp Participants Henry J, Tyler, Diego, Jacob, Finn

By Staff Writer Henry J Meiser

Wings Only, Patriots Again? and Super G

Blue Mountain Speed Camp 2019

U14 & U16

Even though we signed up about two weeks ahead of the close date, we never thought that Blue Mountain Speed Camp would be full--- but there I was----#8 on the waiting list.  What a surprise it was when we got the email on Saturday saying I had gotten off the waitlist! Who would say no to two full days of fast skiing… and two full days of no school! As soon as results were finished at our LMRT Race, we hopped in the car and started the three hour drive north to Allentown, PA. We planned a stop in Harrisburg at a sports bar with the Superczynskis to watch the Super Bowl------little did we know it would be “wings only” menu----literally----wings only----all types, all sauces------but wings only! We listened to the end of the Super Bowl on the radio---Patriots win ----Grady, I know you were happy but really??!!  We finally arrived at our hotel close to 11 p.m. and got right to bed for the next day (after questioning why the Patriots had prevailed …. again).


Waking up around 7 was a nice treat after having to arrive at Liberty at 5:30 the previous day.  Although I have raced Super G before, I was excited to attend the camp and finally see Blue Mountain.  It was nice to have other teammates there, some of whom knew the lay of the land already.  With team members Finn (U16), Diego, Jacob, and Tyler (all U14) and Coach Rudi, LMRT made a strong representation for both days.

The morning of the first day consisted of drills and breaking up the course piece by piece. With a quick lunchbreak, everyone got back out and we were all able to get a solid FAST three runs in, top to bottom… and of course, we slipped.

That evening, we all gathered for a team dinner at Fegley’s Pub and Brewery. All the food was phenomenal, we of course got ……. more wings and ended the night with some of their homemade ice cream!


Day two of speed camp started quite similarly to Day 1.  We arrived at the mountain, got ready quickly, and got out on snow for another great day! Day 2 was considered the “race” day. So out went the Liberty Crew, tickets and speed suits intact.

Although it got quite warm, the race course stayed in great shape for all 65 racers.  We all got two timed runs in the morning and then took a quick break for lunch. We then headed back out for another run in the afternoon! Congrats to Tyler Super, who had awesome finishes, although the race was not scored.  Despite a few crashes, the rest of the LMRT crew fared reasonably well also.  We learned a lot about the downhill ski and how to approach a jump at high speeds-----it’s all in the pre-jump!

After our final run, we all returned to slip the course.  Although the Niilers headed out, the Orensteins, Tyler and I all took advantage of the minimal crowds and awesome conditions at Blue for a few more runs!

When we had skied ourselves out, we left Speed Camp… but don’t worry -----the adventure continues! The Supers and the Meiser had not yet had enough; so, on the way home, we stopped back at Liberty for Tuesday Night at gate training---- this ski life is not for the weary!

So, over all, Blue Mountain Speed Camp was an awesome experience both on and off snow. Special thanks to Rudi Riet, for taking off work to come coach us and to Blue Mountain for hosting a phenomenal two days of Super G. And remember, eat wings---only wings, bet money on the Patriots ( I guess we have to resign our selves to another year of Patriot domination--- looking at you Grady and Chris Hill), and shred the Super G!

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