Tasty Ice Cream at Tussey

Matt Superczynski

By Staff Writer Finn Sobel

Tasty Ice Cream at Tussey

We came to Tussey for the race, but more importantly the ice cream. The two best ice cream options near Tussey are The Creamery and Meyers, but which is better? First we went to The Creamery. There were a ton of flavors to choose from, ginormous portion sizes (especially if you get a cone), and rich delicious ice cream. The second day we went to Meyers ice cream, which was also very good. There was a smaller selection than The Creamery, and portion sizes were big, but not huge. So which one was better? In my opinion, The Creamy was the obvious winner. Their ice cream was much richer, portion sizes were bigger, and there were many more flavors to choose from. On your next trip to Tussey, The Creamery is a must have!

Now for the race results:

There was a really great showing with the U10s with Will Holden coming in first place for the boys, and Collin Murchison not far behind in forth place. For the girls, Elle Awanohara finished with a second place.

The U12 girls and boys both did really well, with Max Awanohara just missing the podium with fourth place, and Jack Murchison (8), Claire Superczynski (7), Tara-Tousimis Pak (10), Sienna Gala (11), and Alienor Campbell- Jourdan (12) all finishing in the top 15.

LMRT continued to crush it with the U14s. Tyler Superczynski made the podium with a third place finish, and Grady Hill (4) and Charlie Holden (5) just missed out. Armstrong Curren (7), Jacob Orenstein (8), Henry J Meiser (10), William Andrews (14), Julietta Bravo (6), and Hanna Rosenbloom (11) also had really great runs and made into the top fifteen

The U16s really hit it off with Ryan Shojaei in sixth, Will Quinn in thirteenth, and Cara Swisher coming in fourteenth. After I DNFed my first run, I was having a great second run until I slid out at the bottom and had to hike.

Good luck to everyone who is going to Derbies!