Wrapping Up A Great Season - by Ryan Berger

Matt Superczynski

The Author with JunChao Prepping Ski Edges for Tussey

By Staff Writer Ryan Berger

It was the last race of the regular ski season, Tussey Mountain. When we got to the mountain, I took my skis to the snow, then went inside to get ready and register. We got our bibs and made our way to the top for inspection. After a routine inspection, we came down and there was an announcement made “The people handing out the bibs got the wrong sheet, and all of the boys have the wrong bibs.” Most of the boys then gave their bibs to their coaches, only to be told, “We decided that we are changing the start list and not your bib number. You need to get back your original bib.” Finally, the bib mix-up got sorted out and racing could begin.

The headwall at Tussey can be intimidating. While standing at the top, you are watching racers try their best. Some racers ended up slipping and falling on the icy surface. That adds to the nerves right before starting your race. Everyone was excited to race well and try to make State. Once you start your run on the headwall, it isn't as intimidating as it first looked. We each ran our two runs and tried our hardest. We had decent weather. Day one was sunny and day two was partly cloudy. We were all glad there was no rain and the temperatures stayed cool.

Lots of LMRT racers did really well. The boys U10 William Holden (1) a big congrats for winning the age group - great runs! In the girls U10, Elle Awanohara (2) had great runs too. Boys U12 Max Awanohara (9), Jayden Suarez (16), Jonathan JP Andrews (24), and Shaun Hydock (31) all put in great efforts. The girls U12, Sienna Gala (7), Elle Cooper (13), and Claire Hydock (18) all continue to perform very well. Boys U14 Grady Hill(2), Armstrong Curren (3), Charlie Holden (4), Ryan Berger (6), Andrei Nazlymov (7), Henry Meiser (9), Juno Yoon (10), Lange Gaspar (11), Rafael Perez-Rivera (13), Casey Cutshall (16), William Andrews (17), Ivan Lebedinskiy (23), Stuart Campbell-Jourden (24), Diego Niiler (26) all put in great times. Girls U14 Hanna Rosenbloom (5) and Julietta Bravo (7) did well too.

Brielle Superczynski with her PARA Slalom Debut at Sunday's Pierre Lallement Memorial Slalom at Tussey 

With the race over, a congrats to all of the LMRT athletes who made State, including Tara Pak, Claire Superczynski, Sienna Gala, Sofia Bui, Alienor Campbell-Jourdan, Max Awanohara, Jack Murchison, Junchao Wallace, Jayden Suarez, Julietta Bravo, Tyler Superczynski, Grady Hill, Charlie Holden, Lange Gaspar, Armstrong Curren, Ryan Berger, Andrei Nazlymov, Juno Yoon, William Andrews, and Jacob Orenstein.

Good luck to all the racers competing at State. Have fun and go LMRT!