LMRT Receives Killington World Cup Foundation Grant

Matt Superczynski

LMRT is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of $2,100 from the Killington World Cup Foundation (KWCF) to help keep our athletes safe! The funds will be used to replace aging safety equipment -- in particular adding to and replacing b-nets. The additional nets will be used to retire multiple nets that have aged out or been damaged and to enhance coverage and improve safety on the slopes particularly for our home Liberty Mountain GS race! 

Our skiers are getting faster and there’s nothing like extra b-nets to keep them safer!

We are grateful for the KWCF support and their efforts to improve access to winter sports through support of local and regional youth development programs.   

While we are bummed that the Women’s World Cup at Killington will not happen in 2020, let’s keep the energy high and the love going for our US ski team and the KWCF. @kwcfgivesback and #kwcfgivesback

Read all about the Killington World Cup Foundation here.