Racing is not mandatory but it is a fun way to test your skills and an exciting part of the LMRT experience. 
General Information:
  • Check the PARA website for the latest details as event dates, etc. may change during the season.
  • Competitions include USSA races hosted by LMRT and other PARA clubs, post-season events such as the PA State Championships and Eastern U.S. Regional events. 
  • Newer athletes are encouraged to focus more on building their fundamentals and limit their race entries to the Roundtop, Whitetail and Liberty events to allow more time for training. Please discuss racing options with your coach before registering.  
  • Athletes striving to qualify for the PA State Championships should enter all of the Central Division Qualifier races (see race schedule). Athletes also must be a member of PARA by the January cut-off date to qualify. Please see the PARA website for more details.   
Race Registration:
  • USSA races require pre-registration and have a deadline for entries, (after which late fees will apply). Get your entries in early as athletes entered late usually start the race last, and some races do not accept late entries.  
  • For information on how to register for USSA races and the entry deadlines, see the PARA web site.
  • PARA has 4 State Championships for skiing.  The U12 Derby (Tussey), U14 Derby (7Springs), U16 Derby (Blue Mountain) and the U18/U21 PA Cup.  The results from the Derbies is used to determine the State Team and post season Invitational races.  Click here for more information.
  • USSA Penalty, Race Points, and Seed Points and PARA World Cup Points.  Click here