Welcome to the Allegheny Mountain Swimming Officials website. If you think you'd enjoy making a difference in the sport of swimming and would like to spend some quality time on deck, join us!

AMS Officials Forms

Below is a collection of often used Officials forms and other important documents. 

Administrative Official Documents

Declaration of Scratch or Intent to Scratch

DQ Record

No Show

Place Judge Sheets - First Place and Last Place Time

AMS Deck Entry Sheet

AMS Deck Entry Standby Tickets


Racing Start Certification Checklist

Referee/CJ Documents

Deck Assignments (6-lane)

Deck Assignments (8-lane)

Relay Take-Off (6-lane)

Relay Take-Off (8-lane)

Officials Briefing (with 2015 changes)

Referee Safety Checklist

Meet Marshall Checklist

Referee Meet Report Form


Starter Documents

Lap Counting

500 Yards

800 Meters

1000 Yards

1500 Meters

1650 Yards


Apprentice Officials Documents

AMS Officials Training Card - Updated 5/1/19

USA Swimming Rules

2022 Rulebook (PDF)

Breaststroke & Butterfly Separated Hands Interpretation - REVISED Jan. 15, 2014

4-Hour Rule Interpretation - September 14, 2013

Breaststroke Rule Change - Timing of Permissible Butterfly Kick - effective 11/30/2014

FINA Interpretation of Freestyle Leg of Individual Medley - August 23, 2015

HOD Rule Changes Effective Immediately - October 7, 2015

Interpretation of USA Swimming Rule 102.8.1E - Use of Tape - June 13, 2016

Sutuations & Resolutions
Referee/Admin Referee
Stroke & Turn
Starter/Deck Referee


Background Checks, Athlete Protection Training, Concussion Training, Uniforms

To complete your Athlete Protection Training, click here.
To initiate a Background Check (new or renewal), click here.
To complete Concussion Protocol Training, click here

These links are also availble on the main AMS web site with the registration forms.

For directions to subscribe to the AMS Officials blog, click here.

To order an AMS Officials shirt, click here.
To order an AMS Officials nametag, click here.

To view the AMS Uniform Policy, click here.


Officials' National Meet Travel Fund

This programs provides expense reimbursement for those individuals who officiate at Summer Nationals, Summer Junior Nationals, Winter Nationals and Winter Junior Nationals

The total funding amount for the year (Bucket) will be determined annually by the officials committee

The total "bucket" of money will be shared equally between those who submit requests.  Each meet worked counts as one share.  For example, if you work two meets, you are entitled to two shares.

Requests must be submitted within 10 days after the conclusion of the meet.

Payments will be made once all requests are received after the conclusion of the winter championship meets.  In other words summer meets will be reimbursed, but not until December.

Reimbursement amounts are up to the "share" amount, not to exceed actual expenses.

Eligible Expenses include (but not limited to)

  • Hotel
  • Air Fare
  • Car Rental
  • Gas & Tolls
  • Meals

AMS Officials' Funding Request


Club Officials Contacts (OTS Entry)

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