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How do I become an AMS Official?

The process requires several steps to become a certified AMS Official:

  1. It is required that a prospective official attend one of the Officials Clinics geared toward new officials prior to becoming certified as an official.
  2. In order to step on deck, an Apprentice Official must be either a USA Swimming non-athlete Official member (requiring a Level 2 Background Check and completion of the Athlete Protection training (APT) or must register with AMS as an Apprentice Official (a free registration that provides a 60-day window to train on deck. After the 60 days, an Apprentice Official must become a USAS non-athlete Official member.
  3. The Apprentice Official must complete a minimum of six (6) sessions on deck during an AMS-sanctioned meet. The Apprentice Official should have his/her training card signed by the Deck Referee at the end of each session. With prior permission of the AMS Officials Chair, an Apprentice Official can train at another LSC’s sanctioned meet. The Deck Referee must sign your training card. Training takes time. We allow only one (1) training session per day, and not more than two (2) sessions per meet. This is intended to give apprentices time to absorb and learn from different types of swim meets and give them a chance to work with several mentors. No more than two (2) training sessions from another LSC will count toward the minimum required sessions described above.

Prior to certification, the AMS Apprentice Official must take the USAS online Stroke & Turn/Timer test. A passing score is 90%.


How do I advance from one level to another?

The first thing to do before advancing is to be in touch with the AMS Officials Chair - Scott Wilshire.. [email protected] . Advancement from one level to another within AMS depends on a few factors, including:

  1. Amount of experience at your current level;
  2. How comfortable and “aware of your surroundings” you are on deck
  3. Your desire to advance

Generally speaking, an AMS Official should have sufficient experience as a Stroke & Turn Judge to train as either a Chief Judge and/or Starter. To advance to Referee, an AMS Official must be certified as a Stroke & Turn Judge, Chief Judge and Starter is recommended. TAlso, an AMS Official may only begin training at a higher level with the permission of the AMS Officials Chair.

There is no substitute for deck experience. To advance, you must have a good command of USA Swimming rules and be comfortable on deck. Advancement is only complete upon approval of the AMS Officials Chair.

USA Swimming requires all officials to have completed an approved online concussion education course.  Please read this AMS Training Requirement for Concussions.

AMS strongly supports the national certification program of USA Swimming. To advance as an N2 Official, you must attend an Officials Qualifying Meet and be evaluated by a national evaluator. For more information, click here.


How do I maintain my official status?


AMS Officials Session Requirement:


1.            12 AMS Sessions between September 1 and August 31st

2.            A maximum of 8 sessions at your home club count towards your minimum of  12 sessions.

3.            The meet must be USA Swimming Sanctioned

4.            At least 2 teams must participate in the meet

5.            You must attend an officials clinic at least once every 18 months


What is the uniform for AMS Officials?

AMS Officials Uniform Policy