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Allegheny Mountain Swimming

Swim Officials Code of Conduct

Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) is a Local Swimming Committee of USA Swimming.  The Local Swimming Committee (LSC) is the local level of USA Swimming. Each LSC is a separate entity, with each being an individual member of USA Swimming, although all act on behalf of USA Swimming on the local level.  As an LSC, agents of and participants/members in AMS are bound by the USA Swimming Code of Conduct published by USA Swimming and in effect.  The Code of Conduct governs conduct by affiliated persons, including, but not limited to swim officials, coaches, athletes and support persons.  I acknowledge and accept the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, incorporated by reference herein. 

 The mission of AMS is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of swimming. AMS grants the privilege of membership to individuals and organizations committed to that mission. The privilege of membership may, therefore, be withdrawn or denied by AMS at any time where AMS determines that a member or prospective member's conduct is inconsistent with the mission of the organization or the best interest of the sport and those who participate in it.

Participation in AMS as a swim official is a volunteer position.  As a swim official, I undertake to support the athletes and coaches of USA Swimming.   AMS is athlete-centric.   Officials are athlete-centric.  We must be athlete focused and athlete driven to ensure a fair and equal opportunity to compete. Our focus is not individualistic, but rather focused on the field of athletes that comprise AMS and USA Swimming as a whole. I will at all times exhibit sportsmanlike behavior in the execution of my duties and responsibilities as a swim official.  I will treat athletes, other officials, coaches, club representatives and volunteers with respect and consideration at all times. 

I undertake to exhibit a mentoring attitude toward fellow officials.  I will offer advice and redirection in a respectful and polite manner.  I will use my experience and knowledge to better AMS and its participants.  I understand that mentoring is an undertaking that requires discretion and tact.   I will approach each situation and official with the intention of being helpful and speaking in a manner which will be heard.   I will maintain decorum, unless there is an urgent and potentially dangerous situation which requires immediate and abrupt manner.

As on official, I will be open to, and accept feedback or constructive input from others. I understand and acknowledge that wisdom and insight can come without respect to years of service as an official. Our peers come from a variety of fields and disciplines, which provide wisdom and experience that may help to efficiently and respectfully address situations which arise.

If my conduct as an official violates the tenants of respect, sportsmanship or is demeaning or inappropriate, I may be subject to: censure; removal from a meet or meets by the Referee, in consultation with the Officials Chair; a committee by the committee chairman with in consultation with the Board of AMS or USA Swimming; dismissal as a trainer or mentor; or any other ramification which is reasonable and prudent. I further understand that issues which are egregious or recurring may be referred to the Zone Board of Review or USA Swimming. 


In order to assist all members to better serve the interests of those who participate in swimming, AMS has adopted this Code of Conduct.