Club Registration/Renewal

Renewing Clubs - USA Swimming Club and Organization registration renewal is now completed online. 

  • Year round clubs should renew regsitration prior to December 1. 
  • Summer Seasonal clubs (April 1-August 28) should renew registration prior to May 1.
  • Winter Seasonal clubs (Sept 29, 2022 - Feb 26, 2023) should renew registration prior to Nov 1.

Looking to start a New Club? Contact the IASI Registration Coordinator for assistance! Options include Year Round, Summer Seasonal Club, Winter Seasonal Club, and College Club.


2023 Registration Fees


Year Round Club or Organization 100 
Seasonal Club - summer or winter $50  
2023 Premium Athlete - Year-Round $82
2023 Seasonal Athlete - 150 days $40
2023 Seasonal to Premium $42
2023 Flex Athlete - low cost "try it out" option, ideal for new athletes $30
2023 Flex to Premium $52
2023 Single Meet Open Water Athl. $18
2023 Outreach Athlete $5
2023 Non-Athlete (Coach, Official, Other) $77
2023 Non-Athlete Admin $30
2023 Non-Athlete Upgrade (Admin to Coach/Official/Other) $47
Athlete Transfer (within LSC) $5
Athlete Transfer (from outside LSC) $10




Questions? Not finding what you need? Not sure which registration type is right for you? Looking for a club in your area? Contact the IASI Registrar for assistance.

Athlete Registration

302.1 All swimmers practicing with a USA Swimming Club or competing in evens sanctioned by USA Swimming must be registered members of USA Swimming.

Club Athletes - Do you already belong to a club and want to renew registration? Are you new to swimming and looking to join your local club? Contact your club to complete the registration process. 

Unattached Athletes - contact the IASI Registrar directly. (*For Unattached athlees only. Club-affiliated athletes must register through their clubs) Unattached Athlete FAQ

Athlete Protection Training (APT) is required annual training for all adult athletes (age 18 and older). Participating in any USA Swimming activities (practice or meets) is not allowed unless this requirement is completed and current. Complete APT by logging into your account, then go to Education.Course Catalog It is the responsibility of the Adult Athlete member to complete APT and renew it on time.

Outreach Registration is a low cost year-round membership for qualified athletes/families - $5 annual regsitration, $5 per meet. To register as an Outreach member:

  1. Club affiliated athletes: first, contact your club to sign up with your team! Unattached athletes, contact the IASI Registrar directly for assistance.
  2. Determine if the athlete qualifies for Outreach Registration. Check the USA Swimming Outreach Membership Criteria List to determine eligibility and what proof of eligibility document (if any) is needed. If the athlete is participating in any of the listed programs, or meets any of the circumstances in Special Request (see last item), they qualify for Outreach registration.
  3. Send a copy of your Proof of Eligibility document to your club registrar. Once received, your club registrar will send you the Club's Outreach registration link to complete the registration process online. Your discount will be applied at checkout and you will pay only $5 for USA Swimming registration.
  4. Club Registrar must then send the Proof of Eligibility document to the IASI Office. This step must be done for the athlete to also receive the IASI Outreach discount of $5 per meet.

Confidentiality - only the head coach, club registrar, and club treasurer are privy to their club's Outreach membership information, in order to facilitate registration and meet entry at the reduced fee. Outreach membership is not published in meet programs, club rosters, or among officials or volunteers. 


Athletes and Non-Athletes seeking to transfer from one club to another, or coming to Iowa Swimming from another LSC can initiate a transfer online.

  1. Log in to your member account HERE
  2. Go to the member's general info page
  3. Select Club Transfer
  4. Select the  V  under Club to view current status, and Initiate Transfer.
  5. Complete the transfer form, and click Submit. 

Once submitted, the transfer will be pending approval by the IASI Registrar, who will confirm when the transfer has been completed, and invoice the club for any transfer fees that apply. 


Non-Athlete Registration

Required to be registered members of USA Swimming:

  • Coaches and Jr Coaches
  • Officials
  • Other - Meet directors, Chaperones, Dryland-only coaches, Club Safe Sport Coordinators, Team Managers, and other individuals who do interact directly and frequently with athletes.
  • Admin - Club and LSC Board (unless they also have another role, like Official or Coach), Club and LSC Staff, Webmasters, Social Media and Communcations Managers, adults with an ownership interest in a club, individuals in positions of oversight over operations of a club who do not interact directly and frequently with athletes.

Not required to be registered:

  • Timers, Meet Marshalls, computer operators, janitor, concessions worker, volunteer photographer. These individuals have limited contact with athletes and are not required to be registered members of USA Swimming.
  • Lifeguards assigned to the aquatics facility whose duties are related to all in the aquatics facility as opposed to only club athletes - do not need to be registered. 

Club Non-Athletes - Are you currently part of a club? Contact your club to complete the registration process.

Unattached Non-Athletes - Contact the IASI Registrar for assistance getting registered. (*Unattached Non-Athletes only. Club affiliated Non-Athletes must register through their clubs).

Non-Athlete Certifications - ALL Non-Athletes have certifications specific to their role (Coach, Official, Other, Admin) that must be completed for membership to be valid. It is the responsibility of all Non-Athlete members to monitor and maintain their certifications as required. Non-athletes without current registration and certifications are not permitted on deck at practice or meets.

Non-Athletes can track their current certifications by logging in to their account HERE

USA Swimming Waiver for Coaches with Physical Disabilities - Non-athletes with disabilities are encouraged and welcomed! Coaches with certain physical disabilities may be unable to complete some physical requirements of the certification process. Please use this online form to understand the processes for obtaining coach certification with a disability.

Jr Coach FAQ - coaches age 16-17

Coaches Page - coach resources

Officials Website