General Chair

Bobby Kelley (2020-2022) (2022-2024)

Past General Chair Ethan Johnston
Admin Vice Chair


Art Dinkin (2022-2024)


Senior Vice Chair


Jackson Leonard 

(completing Micheal Petersen's 2021-2023 term)


Age Group Vice Chair

Melissa Woltz (2021-2023)




Susan Repko (2020-2022)  (2022-2024)




Doug Kolsrud (2020-2022)  (2022-2024)

Coach Representatives


Senior - Andy Pym (2022-2023)

Junior - Open Position (2022-2023)

Athlete Reps

Senior - Jordon Kloth (2021-2023)

Junior - Olivia Frantum (2022-2024)

At Large Athlete Rep

Mikayla Kloth (2021-2023) 

Josh Chen (2022-2024) 

Finance Vice Chair

Phil Barnes (2021-2023)

DEI Chair

Don Spellman (2021-2022), (2022-2024)


IASI Committee Members




From the General Chair - May 17, 2020 HOD Report
Thank you for the opportunity to serve Iowa Swimming as your General Chair. It has been very rewarding to work for you and I am grateful to have had the chance to give back to the sport of swimming while volunteering in this role.
During the last few months, I have been very impressed by the commitment of the volunteers in our LSC and their dedication to service. As we struggle through these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, I am even more proud of our LSC’s volunteers as we work together to bring the sport of swimming back to Iowa. These are certainly unique and challenging times for all of us.  
Difficult times to say the least….
  • Pools continue to be closed by an order from the governor
  • There has not been an official indication of when this order will be lifted
    • As other states begin opening their pools, hopefully it is only a matter of time before pools are reopened in Iowa
    • Indications from the state health department that pools will be opening again relatively soon
  • Advice from USA Swimming to clubs and members
    • First and most import: Public health and safety will lead the way with determining when swimming can resume
      • USA Swimming’s insurance will be in place provided clubs follow state and local regulations while also following the rules of USA Swimming when it comes to using pools
    • While the pools are closed, USA Swimming has encouraged clubs to stay in contact with your membership
    • Remain flexible and stay informed as this is a very fluid time
      • This is going to be longer than just a few more weeks or even a few more months
      • Think about the longevity & plan for the long term
      • Develop many plans: A,B,C and … so that when we know more, your club is prepare and able to respond
    • As swimming returns, we need to change the mind-set of how we manage our activities
      • We need to prepare to potentially operate with limited resources (less pool time due to fewer swimmers per lane & limited swim meet opportunities and revenues)
        • Will also possibly have random cancellations, withdraws and closures due to COVID-19
      • Our members must understand the importance of staying home when they don’t feel well
      • And we need to find ways to help our membership feel the successes of being involved with the sport of swimming
As a board, I am proud of the individuals who are working to help IASI get through this
  • Members of the board meet informally weekly each Wednesday night to discuss swimming developments
    • Almost 100% of the board call into these discussions
  • Every Thursday, IASI’s professional staff and the general chair have participated in Zoom calls with USA Swimming that provides updates
    • Mike Peterson, Tanja Avant and Mikayla and Jordan Kloth have also been a part of these talks
  • Committees are working to help
    • Finance Committee (Phil Barnes, Doug Kolsrud and Art Dinkall – amazing work!)
    • TPC – Thank you Eric Fulmoth and the work done by your committee
    • Coach’s Committee – Thank you Brian Ruffles for your leadership
    • Officials Committee – Great work helping plan for swimming’s return
    • Governance Committee – Thank you Frank Feilmeyer, Doug Colin, Don Spellman, Ben Colin and Melissa Woltz
    • And the IASI professional office – Great job with the work you are doing
  • At this time, I would like to thank outgoing board members
    • General Chair – Ethan Johnson – Thank you for stepping up to lead the LSC at a time when others were not willing. Iowa Swimming appreciates the time and guidance you provided.
    • Admin Vice Chair: Travis Albang – Since Curt Oppel took the lead, this committee has streamlined the sanctioning and in my years with IASI, it is running as smooth now, if not better, than ever. Travis has kept this going, and even made it better. Thank you Travis for your help by volunteering your time to help Iowa Swimming.
    • Treasurer: Doug Kolsrud – Does an amazing job – Very neutral with decisions. Reliably tracks and reports the financial data of the LSC.
    • Senior Coach’s Rep: Brian Ruffles – Multiple years as TPC and then as Coach’s Rep
    • Athlete Reps: Anya Koenigsfeld, Adam Feilmeyer – Wonderful leadership from our athlete reps
    • At-large: Jennie Hedrick-Rosenberg, Dan Lake & Eric Crawford – Jennie and Dan have added much with their thoughts and guidance while on the board
Bobby Kelley
General Chair 2019-2021
Iowa Swimming, Inc. 
Get involved
Additional note from the General Chair 
USA Swimming and Iowa Swimming rely on volunteers to make our sport successful. There are many ways to get involved: 
  • The easiest way is volunteer with your swimmer's club to help with your club management
  • Volunteer to help at swim meets.
  • Become an official. Officials have great views of swim meets and are always needed. 
  • Become a delegate for your team at the bi-annual House of Delegates meeting. 
  • Volunteer on one of our LSC’s committees and/or task forces. 
These are just a few examples. If you would like more information on how to get involved, we can certainly help you find a spot that is right for you.