General Chair

(Temporary with an election at Spring HOD to fill this position)

Bobby Kelley (Until April 19, 2020)

Vacated during Ethan Johnston's Term (2018-2020)

Past General Chair Phil Barnes
Admin Vice Chair Travis Albang (2018-2020) 
Senior Vice Chair Michael Peterson (2019-2021)
Age Group Vice Chair Tanja Avant (2017-2019) & (2019-2021)
Secretary Vacant (2017-2019) & (2019-2021)
Treasurer Doug Kolsrud (2018-2020)
Coach Representatives Senior - Brian Ruffles (2019-2020)
Junior - Parker Craw (2019-2020)

Senior Athlete Reps

Anya Koenigsfeld, Adam Feilmeyer

Junior Athlete Rep  Jordon Kloth
At Large Athlete Rep Mikayla Kloth
Finance Vice Chair Phil Barnes (2019-2021)
Officials Chair Phil Barnes (2018-2020)
Registration & Membership Jen Matthews
Safe Sport Jen Matthews (2018-2020)
At Large Eric Crawford (2018-2020)
At Large Jennie Hedrick-Rozenberg (2018-2020)
At Large Dan Lake (2018-2020)



From the General Chair:

I would like to start my letter to the members of our LSC by saying how excited I am to have this opportunity to help Iowa Swimming continue to grow and continue to improve the swimming experience for all of our members and their families. I am excited to get the chance to work with so many dedicated coaches, officials, volunteers, office staff, swimmers and families. 
I believe the role of our Board of Directors is to make sure our swimmers are given every opportunity to grow and succeed in this sport. Regardless of the level of swimmer, I will strive to help make sure every swimmer has a safe, fun and competitive environment to reach whatever goals they wish to achieve in swimming.
My role as General Chair has been made much easier by all of the former and current members of the Iowa Swimming, Inc. Board of Directors. I would personally like to thank everyone who has (and continues to) dedicate so much of their time to our swimmers. None of these people serve because they have to serve; they serve because they care about our members. 
I also need to thank outgoing General Chair and Administrative Vice Chair, Phil Barnes and Curt Oppel respectively, for the outstanding work they have done (and I know will continue to do) for our ISI members. These two men dedicate countless hours to the improvement and advancement of our LSC. I can only hope that I, and newly elected Administrative Vice Chair Travis Albang, can help our Board of Directors build on all of the amazing work these two men have done for Iowa Swimming, Inc. Phil and Curt have played key roles in all things Iowa Swimming and we are in a much better place today because of their service to our members. Thank you both very much.
I would also like to thank our LSC’s only two employees: Marie Koenigsfeld and Jennifer Matthews. There is no way I would even have a chance to successfully do my job without these two women. Much of the work Marie and Jennifer do goes unnoticed by most of our LSC’s membership. It does not go unnoticed by me. Both Marie and Jennifer are excellent in their roles with Iowa Swimming. The day-to-day operations and administration of any LSC is an extremely challenging job and these two women do it better than anybody. We are lucky to have Marie and Jennifer as part of our team.
If I have one message in this letter, it is this - get involved. There are many ways to get involved. The easiest way is volunteer at your club’s hosted swim meets. These are usually easy jobs that help your club immensely. You could also become an official. Officials have great views of swim meets and always get free food! Become a delegate for your team at the bi-annual House of Delegates meeting. Volunteer on one of our LSC’s committees and/or task forces. These are just a few examples. Anything you are able to do helps our swimmers and improves the experience of all of our members. If you would like more information on how to get involved, we can certainly help you find a spot that is right for you.
Finally, I would like to mention the upcoming Iowa Swimposium on October 6th. This is going to be huge event at the Wellmark YMCA in Des Moines unlike anything we have seen in our state. There is something for all ISI members and their families. Swimmers, parents, coaches and officials can all enjoy this event and all will have excellent opportunities to learn. Swimmers get to learn from Olympians Jimmy Feigen and Hali Flickinger. There are discussions with professionals on nutrition, injury prevention and physical therapy. Parents can take part in discussions on Safe Sport, Peak Performance and when to push (or not push) their swimmers. Officials have a full day of learning opportunities. Coaches can learn about Safe Sport, open water swimming, training swimmers with disabilities and how credible coaches think. This is going to be an awesome day for anyone that takes part in this rare opportunity.
If you see me at the Swimposium, or a swim meet, please introduce yourself (I’m usually the guy with the crazy blue/green hair). I would love to know every Iowa Swimming family and help everyone have a great experience with Iowa Swimming and USA Swimming.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Ethan Johnston
General Chair 2018-2020
Iowa Swimming, Inc.