2021 Registration for individuals (athletes, non-athletes) begins June 1, 2020. 2021 Clubs may renew registration beginning September 1. Every Athlete, Non-Athlete and Club must be registered to participate in USA Swimming sanctioned competition. Each USA Swimming Club is responsible for having its own registrations current before participating in any activities. All 2021 Registration Application forms may be found on this page. Club Registrars click here.

2021 Iowa Swimming Registration Fees:

2021 Iowa Swimming Registration Forms and Procedures

CLUB Registration/Renewal    

A complete Club Application includes 2 parts:

 **2021 USA Swimming Club Application**  AND **2021 Iowa Swimming Club Information Form**

Both parts must be submitted. All information is necessary, and failure to complete and sign the forms as required by USA Swimming and IASI will invalidate or delay processing of an application. Each club must have 1 registered Athlete and 1 registered Coach (with all certifications current) for Club Membership to be valid.

NEW CLUB INFORMATION     Looking to start a new club? Take a look at the Checklist below, and contact the IASI Registration Coordinator for assistance: [email protected]

Checklist for Starting a New Year-Round Club     Membership Information                 

Please note: Seasonal Clubs DO NOT need to complete the New Club Checklist. The Checklist is only for those wishing to start a NEW Year-Round club.

Looking for the USA Swimming Organization Application? Please contact the IASI Registration Office ([email protected]).


ATHLETE Registration/Renewal:

Club-Affiliated Athletes - Contact your swim club for athlete registration.  

Unattached Athletes - Complete the 2021 Athlete Registration Application below, send application and payment directly to the address on the form (*For Unattached athletes only. Club-affliated athletes must register through their clubs) Unattached Athlete FAQ

        2021 Athlete Registration Application   Solicitud de Inscripcion: Deportista 2021

        2021 Single Meet Open Water (Use this for summer 2020 Open Water)

        IASI Outreach Registration Process IASI Registro Extendido

                   USA Swimming Outreach Membership Criteria List - If the athlete is a participant in any of these programs, he/she qualifies for                     Outreach membership.

Athlete Protection Training  *Required for adult athletes (age 18 and over). Adult athletes may demonstrate proof of APT certification by showing their Athlete Membership Card on Deck Pass on their phones (Deck Pass Plus app - free). Athlete Membership Card Instructions

TRANSFERS Athletes seeking to transfer from one club to another, or coming to Iowa Swimming from another LSC, must complete a Transfer Request Form. Athlete Transfer Request Form Once the form is submitted, the athlete's new club will be notified of the attach date and any transfer fee.


NON-ATHLETE Registration/Renewal Non-Athlete members of USA swimming must submit a registration application, as well as complete a Background Check, Athlete Protection Training and Concussion Protocol Training. Coaches have additional certification requirements (see below). It is the responsibility of all Non-Athlete members to monitor and maintain their current certifications. 

Where to send Non-Athlete regsitration - Send Non-Athlete registration application and payment to your Club Registrar. Unattached Non-Athletes may send application and payment directly to the address on the form. 

Non-Athlete Transfer Form/Information Change: Non-Athletes seeking to transfer from one club to another, or who have a change of name/address/phone/email, please complete the Non-Athlete Transfer/Info Change form. There is no fee for a Non-Athlete transfer/information change.                                                    ___________________________________________________________________________________     ​

Coach & Junior Coach Registration & Certification:

2021 Non-Athlete Registration Application  2021 Registro de Aplicacion Para No Atletas

2021 Non-Athlete Certification Checklist (Coach & Jr Coach, see page 1-2)     <---NEW! Links to all certifications here

          Jr Coach FAQ        CPR and InWater certifying agencies

Coach membership card will update in Deck Pass within a few hours of completing/updating certifications. Coaches may print a copy of their card, or may show the membership card on their phone (free Deck Pass Plus app) to prove membership. Coaches will not be able to view or print their card if any certifications are missing or expired.  


Officials Registration & Certification:

2021 Non-Athlete Registration Application 2021 Registro de Aplicacion Para No Atletas

2021 Provisional Official Registration

2021 Non Athlete Certification Checklist (Officials, see page 3) <---NEW! Links to all certifications here

Official membership card will update in Deck Pass within 24 hours of completing certifications. You may print a copy of your card, or you may show your membership card on your phone (Deck Pass Plus app - free) to prove membership. 

Looking to become an official?  Visit the IASI Officials Website to begin the process to become a new official!


Registration Packet for IASI Club Registrars

The annual IASI Registration "packet" is emailed to to Club Contacts and Registrars (according to current club information on file) each year. Here are the documents and information included in the 2021 Registration Packet for Clubs:

2021 Letter to IASI Club Registrars

2021 Registration Procedures Manual (for use by Club Registrars)

Athlete Registration Form and Non-Athlete Registration Form 

Non-Athlete Certification Checklist

Electronic Registration Checklist According to IASI policy, if a club has Team Unify or Active or other compatible software, athlete registrations must be sent electronically to the IASI Registration Coordinator. Follow the checklist on page 9-10 of the 2021 Iowa Swimming Registration Procedures Manual. Send to: Send payment in the form of a single club check.

Clubs that do not yet have the means to submit registration electronically, send your athlete registration application forms (email) to the IASI Registration Coordinator and mail payment in the form of a single club check.

Questions contact [email protected], 563-391-5832 (ext. 2).