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2017  Iowa Swimming Scholarship Award - Lexie Winnett, CIA
          Judy Hoffman Memorial Scholarship - Kelsey Drake, LMST

2016 Iowa Swimming Scholarship Award - Meghan Hackett, BLST
         Judy Hoffman Memorial Scholarship - Natalie Lammers, DMSF
2015 Iowa Swimming Scholarship Awards - Ben Colin, DASH and Nick Staver, PSC
         Judy Hoffman Memorial Scholarship - Peyton Gaumer, DMSF

2014 Iowa Swimming Scholarship Awards - Molly Lembezeder, DASH and Justin Winnett, CIA 
         Judy Hoffman Memorial Scholarship - Sara Bentley, ACAC 

2013​ Iowa Swimming Scholarship Award - Autumn Roepsch, DASH  
         Judy Hoffman Memorial Scholarship - Josh Gill, DASH.              
2012 Iowa Swimming Scholarship Awards - Morgan Barnes, CRAA and Matthew Boyd, RCA
         Judy Hoffman Memorial Scholarship - Maddie Bro, CIA.
2011​ Iowa Swimming Scholarship Awards - Benjamin Loeffelholz, DASH and Alicia Stearns, MCSC
​         Judy Hoffman Memorial Scholarship - Cameron Herting, ICE.

2017-2018 1st yr - Clare Culver, RIP; Amy Feddersen, ACAC; Lexi Horner, CIA; Reilly Shaner, RIP
2015-2016  - 3rd yr - Stefan Kitsos, CRAA; Aidan Keen, IFLY; Mark McGlaughlin, IFLY; Samantha Hedrick, PELL
2nd yr - Lexi Horner, CIA; Emma Hruby, IFLY; Isaak Webb, IFLY; Kelsey Drake, LMST  1st yr - Sophia Sorenson, ACAC; Grant Fuhr, CIA; Jackson Kuhlers, CIA; Taylor Beadle, IFLY; Ryan Schade, L4A;

2014-2015 - Ben Colin, DASH 2nd yr 4.0;  Kelsey Drake, LMST 1st yr 4.0;  Samantha Hedrick, PELL 2nd yr;  Lexi Horner, CIA 1st yr;  Emma Hruby, IFLY 1st yr 4.0;  Aidan Keen, IFLY 2nd yr 4.0;  Stefan Kitsos, CRAA 2nd yr;  Mark McGlaughlin, IFLY 2nd yr;  Claire Murray, IFLY 1st yr 4.0;  George Pappas, L4A 3rd yr 4.0;  Jack Scafuri, CIA 1st yr 4.0;  Gracyn Snyder, ACAC 1st yr;  Brennan Urbi, UN 1st yr 4.0;  Dane VanAllen, ACAC 1st yr;  Isaak Webb,PELL 1st yr;  Emileo Xiao, ICE 1st yr 4.0   
2013-2014 - Sara Bentley, ACAC 2nd yr;  Madeline Burnham, IFLY 3rd yr 4.0;  Ben Colin, DASH 1st yr 4.0; Samantha Hedrick, PELL 1st yr;  Molly Lembezeder, DASH 1st yr 4.0;  Luke Eure, DMET 1st yr 4.0;  Calvin Greve, CRAA 1st yr 4.0;  Aidan Keen, IFLY 1st yr 4.0,  Stefan Kitsos, CRAA 1st yr;  Mark McGlaughlin, IFLY 1st yr; George Pappas, L4A 2nd yr 4.0;  Sydney Sorenson, ACAC 1st yr;  Lilian Zhu, UN 1st yr 4.0
2012-2013 - Matthew Anderson, IFLY 1st yr;  Sara Bentley, ACAC 1st yr;  Madeline Burnham, IFLY 2nd yr 4.0;  Savannah Butler, IFLY 3rd 4.0 yr;  Tereysa Lehnertz, IFLY 1st yr;  George Pappas, L4A 1st yr 4.0;  Aftin Phyfe, BLST 1st yr;  Daniel Rodriguez, L4A 1st yr;  Benjamin Severino, CIA 2nd yr 
2011-2012 - Matthew Boyd, RCA 2nd yrMaddie Bro, CIA 3rd yr; Madeline Burnham, L4A 1st yr; Savannah Butler, IFLY 2nd yr; Travis Greenwald, ICE 2nd yr; Allison Orvis, DASH 3rd yr; Benjamin Severino, CIA 1st yr; Gabrielle SteckerBPVA 1st yr; Caleb UteschACAC 1st yrKaisen Yao, IFLY 3rd yr 

2010-2011 - Austin Abbas, BLST 2nd yr;  Margaret Barber, L4A 2nd yr;  Kelly Bishop, UN 1st yr;  Morgan Barnes, CRAA 1st yr; Matthew Boyd, RCA 1st yr;  Maddie Bro, CIA 2nd yr;  Savannah Butler, IFLY 1st yr;  Ian Ford, CRAA 1st yr;  Travis Greenwald, IFLY 1st yr;  Cameron Herting, ICE 2nd yr;  Lucas Klinker, CIA 1st yr; Hannah Maher, DASH 3rd yr;  Allison Orvis, DASH 2yr;  Emma SougstadMCSC 1st yr;  Alicia Stearns, MCSC 1st yr;  Kaisen Yao, IFLY 2nd yr​ 
2009-2010​ - Austin Abbas, BLST 1st yr; Katharine Anton, UN 2nd yr; Margaret Barber, QCA 1st yrMaddie Bro, CIA 1st yr; Elizabeth Eyanson, ICE 3rd yr; Cameron Herting, ICE 1st yr; Hannah Maher, DASH 2nd yr; Allison Orvis, DASH 1st yr; Bailey Pons, BLST 2nd yr; Sarah Weihe, ICE 2nd yrKaisen Yao, IFLY 1st yr.

2017/2018 - Ruby Martin, IFLY

2016 Central Zone Diversity Select Camp - June 16-19, 2016 Omaha, NE  Congratulations to Iowa athletes - Tia Robinson, L4A & Matthew Chen, DEC for being selected to participate in this camp.  Coach James Davis, ICE & ISI Diversity Committee rep, Frankie Hanson, RIP also attended
2016 Central Zone Select Camp - May 26-29, 2016 University of Cincinnati  Congratulations to Iowa athletes - Dylan Moffatt, BLST and Peyton Werner, L4A for being selected to this camp.
2014 USA Swimming National Select Camp - October 23-26, 2014 U.S. Olympic Training Center
Iowa athletes:  Aidan Keen, IFLY (200 Free), Ruby Martin, IFLY (200 IM).  IFLY coach, Robert Pinter also attended.  From the Iowa LSC, Richard Salhus, IFLY was appointed as one of the Assistant Coaches for the Camp. 
2013 USA Swimming Central Zone Select Camp-May 23-26, 2013 Miami University,Oxford,OH
Iowa athletes - Kelsey Drake, CRAA (100 Fly), Ruby Martin, IFLY (IMX),  Aidan Keen, IFLY (200 Free), Oliver Martin, IFLY (IMX), Mark McGlaughlin (100 Back)
2012 Central Zone Diversity Select Camp - June 7-10, 2012 OCCC, Oklahoma City, OK - Iowa athletes - Catherine Sell, BLST & Joseph Shie, DMET for being selected to participate in this camp.  Coach Michael Hagensick, BLST & ISI Diversity Committee rep, Dianna Shie, DMET also attended.
2012 USA Swimming Central Zone Select Camp - May 24-27, 2012 Miami University, Oxford, OH - Iowa athlete - Matt Anderson, IFLY
2012 USA Swimming Diversity National Select Camp - May 3-6, 2012 Colorado Springs, CO
Iowa athlete - Tereysa Lehnertz, IFLY, qualifying in the 400IM.
2011  National Select Camp - October 27-30, 2011 at Colorado Spring. CO - Iowa athlete - Katharine Ross, CIA for being selected to participate in this camp.  CIA coach, Dave Joensen also attended.
2011 Zone Select Camp - May 26-29, 2011 at Miami University (Ohio), Oxford, Ohio - Central Zone - Iowa athlete participants - ALEK MARTIN, CIAHADEN CALEGAN, QCA.  From the Iowa LSC,  Megan Oesting, IFLY was appointed as one of the Assistant Coaches for the camp
2007 Central Zone Select Camp - May 24-27, 2007 at Indiana University - Iowa Athlete: Katharine Anton, CRAA 

2016 US Olympic Trials

2012 US Olympic Trials - June 25 - July 2, 2012 Omaha, NE - Iowa Participants:  Alexa Harris, L4A; Katharine Ross, CIA; Imelda Wistey, DMSF;   Grant Betulius, Byron Butler, Daniela Cubelic,  Emily Hovren, Jordan Huff, Tyler Lentz, Andrew Harciniak, Dustin Rhoads, Gianni Sesto, IOWA.
2012 US Paralympics Swimming Trials - June 14-16, 2012 Bismarck, ND - Iowa Participant: Caleb UteschACAC
2008 US Olympic Trials - June 29 - July 6, 2008 Omaha, NE - Iowa Participants:  Jordan Huff, DASH; Lisa Nathanson, DMSF