Finance Committee

The Finance Committee's responsibilities to the LSC include:
  1. Oversight of the Financial Strategies of the LSC,
  2. Oversight of the financial activities of the board and employees of the LSC and
  3. Ensuring compliance with board direction and fiscal responsibilities towards the LSC and membership.
There are two associated committees - the Audit Committee and the Budget Committee.- there's an overlap with membership between this committee and those two but there are additional members in those committees.
The Finance Committee comprises the following members:

Finance Vice-Chair -   Phil Barnes

General Chair -           Ethan Johnson

Admin Vice-Chair -     Travis Albang

Treasurer -                  Doug Kolsrud

Member-at-Large -     Art Dinkin

Athlete Member -       Anya Koenigsfeld

Athlete Member -       Adam Fellmeyer

Meetings are held at least once a quarter and are posted on the LSC Calendar. All members are welcome to call-in. Minutes of the meetings will be posted to this web-page.