IASI Coach & Club Recognition


IASI Coaching Staff of the Year Award - Presented by the IASI Coach Committee at the Short Course and Age Group Short Course Championship meets 

Year       Senior Coaching Staff of the Year Age Group Coaching Staff of the Year
2022    Dubuque Area Swimmin' Hurricanes Rams Swim Club
2021    Central Iowa Aquatics Central Iowa Aquatics
2020    Central Iowa Aquatics Central Iowa Aquatics
2019    Central Iowa Aquatics Linn-Mar Swim Team
2018    Ames Cyclone Aquatic Club Northeastern Swim Team

IASI Spirit & Sportsmanship Award Determined by coach and athlete vote as described in IASI Policy and Procedure Section L, and presented at each Championship meet. Clubs who earn this award exemplify team spirit and sportsmanship by demonstrating the following: **Handshakes by competitors before or after competition ** Competitors and coaches maintaining self control in frustrating situations. ** Competetors and coaches treat teammates with respect and demonstrate a positive attitude with each other by using words of encouragement. **Avoidance of trash talking, insults, and flambouyant displays of taunting.  **Competitors and coaches treat officials with respect by avoiding ridiculeor sarcasm. **Coaches recognize the performance of swimmers from other teams by speaking to the athletes or congratulating their coach. ** Competitors demonstrat team spirit by cheering for teammates, putting up posters, and wearing team apparel.

Championship Meet Club
2022 IASI Short Course Championships ACAC
2022 IASI Age Group Short Course Championships BLST
2022 IASI Silver & 8&U Short Course Championships West ACAC
2022 IASI Silver & 8&U Championships East DASH
2021 IASI Long Course Championships  
2021 IASI Swimming Summer Silver & 8&U Championships  
2021 IASI  Short Course Championships ACAC
2021 IASI Age Group Short Course Championships  
2021 IASI Silver & 8&U Short Course Championships East & West-cancelled due to COVID19 --
2020 IASI  Long Course Championships-cancelled due to COVID19 --
2020 IASI  Summer Silver & 8&U Championships-cancelled due to COVID19 --
2020 IASI  Short Course Championships IFLY
2020 IASI  Age Group Short Course Championships ACAC
2020 IASI Silver & 8&U Short Course Championships West RIP
2020 IASI Silver & 8&U Short Course Championships East LMST

USA Swimming Club Excellence - The Club Excellence program recognizes USA Swimming’s top 200 clubs (out of nearly 3,000). The top 20 clubs earn Gold level ranking, the next 21-100 earn Silver level ranking, and the next 100 clubs are awarded Bronze level. Ranking scores are based on the FINA Points table, which assigns point values to performances based on time standards. 

  Gold Medal Clubs Silver Medal Clubs Bronze Medal Clubs
2019   ACAC, EISF CIA, L4A
2018     ACAC, IFLY, L4A, CIA
2017   IFLY CIA

Safe Sport Recognition - The Safe Sport Recognized Club Program (SSRP) allows a USA Swimming member club to demonstrate its commitment to creating an abuse-free, safe, healthy and positive environment for all its members. Using a web-based tool through their club portal, clubs can earn Safe Sport Recognition status by describing club procedures, uploading their policies and verifying education and training efforts. Once completed, clubs receive a badge to display on their club website and are designated as Safe Sport Recognized on the USA Swimming Find-A-Club online search tool. 

Club Name Club Code Safe Sport Recognized until:
Ames Cyclone Aquatic Club ACAC December 2023
Johnston Blaze Swim Team BLAZ June 2023
Black Hawk Area Swim Team BLST February 2023
Carroll Area Swim Team CAST June 2023
Central Iowa Aquatics CIA May 2024
Dubuque Area Swimmin' Hurricanes DASH June 2024
Des Moines Swim Federation DMSF August 2024
YMCA of Greater Des Moines DSMY renewal in progress
Iowa Flyers Swim Club IFLY August 2024
Linn Mar Swim Team LMST April 2023
MACR Sharks MACR renewal in progress
North Iowa Splash NIS May 2023
Northeastern Swim Team NST May 2023
Ottumwa Hurricanes OTT July 2023
Piranhas Swim Club PSC renewal in progress
River Cities Aquatics RCA June 2023
Dowling Catholic Riptide RIP May 2023
Rams Swim Club RSC renewal in progress
South East Aquatics SEA June 2023
Southern Prairie Stingrays SPS May 2023