2021 Phillips Service Award - Curt Oppel

Jennifer Matthews
Congratulations to Curt Oppel 2021 on being awarded the 2021 Phillips Service Award!
Curt has been an active volunteer with Iowa Swimming’s LSC for many years. His involvement with Iowa Swimming includes time as an athlete, many years of officiating, five years of service as an IASI board member as well as working in numerous committees
and task forces for the LSC. He even had a brief stint coaching!
Curt has worked as an official at LSC meets for many years, and during this time, he has become a nationally certified official. He works all levels of meets throughout the LSC from small
invitationals and dual meets to the LSC’s championships. Additionally, as a member of the official’s committee, he has helped the LSC with the recruitment and the training of new
In the fall of 2014, Curt agreed to help the LSC by serving on the Iowa Swimming Board of Directors as the Administrative Vice Chair. He held this position for five years. During that time, Curt lead the process of sanctioning meets by reviewing drafts of meet writeups, and worked tirelessly updating many of the LSC’s Policies and Procedures, lead the search committee to fill the LSC’s professional office positions, and chaired the personnel committee, which developed the LSC’s Employee Handbook, a document that continues to be used today. During that time, Curt dedicated almost every Sunday to working on LSC business.
When Iowa wanted to host a Swimposium in 2018, Curt accepted the lead role in organizing it. The event was complex and offered tracks of activities, classes, and clinics for athletes, officials, and parents.
Curt continues to contribute and volunteer time to the
LSC. Along with officiating, he regularly attends the LSC’s HOD meetings where he continues to keep a watchful eye on the LSC’s budgeting process and its finances. Additionally, he agreed to chair the LSC’s audit committee last fall. As result of the internal
audit completed by this committee, the LSC developed a Financial Policies and Procedures document detailing a process of checks and balances to safeguard the LSC financial future.
Thank you, Curt, for all you have done for the Iowa Swimming LSC!