2021 IASI Short Course Championships Task Force

Formed under authority of IASI Board of Directors December 6th, 2020

In Force to end of 2021 IASI Short Course Season


The TPC recommended that the LSC develop a task force with the responsibility to modify and finalize the planning for these meets. If approved, the task force will have authority to completely modify the plans for these championship meets. The task force may move the meets to a virtual-only format, move the meets to different dates (possibly late April or May) or cancel the meets all together. The following individuals have agreed to be a part of this task force:
  • Eliot Winer

  • Samantha Hedrick

  • Jordan Kloth

  • John VanMeter

  • Phil Barnes

  • Ramsey Vens

The Board approved the TPC recommendation at the December 6th, 2020 IASI Board of Directors meeting.

The same motion approved the following initial outline of the 2020-21 IASI Short Course Season Championships as follows:

Cancel the two 2021 Short Course Silver Championship Meets and replace these meets with a Combined Silver Championship Series of Meets:
o Meets will be run at multiple facilities, as Intrasquad, Dual, or as possible Invitationals
▪ Each meet will use the same format with the same order of events.
▪ Ideally, these meets should all be held the same weekend, if not possible, spread out over multiple dates.
o No Qualifying Times - gives all swimmers in our LSC the opportunity to compete.
o Age Group Results (14 and Under events) from all meets will be combined with the top 24 of each event advancing to the IASI Age Group Championship meet.
o Athletes 15 and Older will have the opportunity to compete as well, granted they have not yet attained a qualifying IASI Championship time in the event (see below).
o Relays will not be run at these meets due to social distancing limitations.
● Changes for the 2021 Age Group Short Course Championship Meet include:
o All events are timed-final with individual sessions for each age group, 10 & Under, 11-12 and 13-14.
o To qualify, athletes must finish in the top 24 in each event of the Combined Silver Championship Series of Meets.
▪ No alternates – There will be empty lanes if swimmers who have placed in the top 24 from Combined Silver Championships Series choose not to compete at the 2021 Age Group Championships.
o Relays will not be run at these meets due to social distancing limitations.
● Changes to the Iowa Swimming Short Course Championships:
o Continue to run the meet as a prelim/final meet with multiple Prelim sessions:
▪ Allow the host to determine how many sessions will be needed depending upon current facility and state regulations.
▪ Prelim session assignments to be determined by club rather than times. So, each club as a whole will have a designated Prelim session.
▪ Athletes who finish in the top 16 of the combined Prelim results advance to finals.
o The LSC has secured Wellmark YMCA as a secondary site in the case that University of Iowa CRWC is unable to host.
o Relays will not be run at these meets due to social distancing limitations.
▪ Instead, offer the 50’s of strokes and the 100 IM.
▪ This is a good year to offer these events since many athletes have shortened seasons and limited training opportunities.
Because there are no relays and there will be additional individual events to swim, Increase the maximum number of individual entries to nine with the addition of these individual events.
January 12th, 2021

A letter to the LSC membership is currently being processed with the present (as of January 12th) plan for the fall/winter championships (Age Group and Short Course).  Both meets are planned to be held at the Wellmark YMCA in Des Moines on the weekends shown in the meet schedule. The Age Group Championships will be a timed final meet for 10&Unders, 11-12s and 13-14s with those qualifying based on times achieved over the past two years - the top 24 in each event will qualify for the meet. There will be no relays and there will be additional events for the 13-14s. The Short Course Championships remains a prelims/finals meet for those athletes meeting the currently published Q times for Seniors.

(A lot) more detail to follow.

This page will provide information on meetings, discussion, structure of meets, timings, changes, etc.