What is the Louisiana Swimming LSC?
LSCs, or Local Swimming Committees, are the 59 local governing bodies, responsible for organizing, supporting and governing USA Swimming's 2,800-plus swim clubs in their individual regions. Louisiana Swimming's region covers all of the State of Louisiana.

Provide opportunities for all members to achieve their potential through swimming.

Louisiana Swimming for life.  Enjoy the experience!

Core Values:
Leadership; Inclusive; Respect; Integrity; Camaraderie


Louisiana Swimming's Leadership is a group of dedicated volunteers serving as the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.

How to Join:
To find a swim club in your area, click our Clubs tab on the top of the website. You can also use the link below to take you to USA Swimming's Club Locator. You can put in your zip code and see a map of all the clubs in your area. Different teams have different strengths and requirements to join so be sure to ask around.

How to Start a Club:
If you are interested in starting a club, begin at USA Swimming's Starting a Club page for more information (see link below), then talk with our Coaches Chair about how to get started (see our Governance page for contact information). All clubs must be registered with USA Swimming through the Louisiana Swimming LSC.

How to Volunteer:
There are many ways parents can volunteer with Louisiana Swimming. You can help out at your club, assist Louisiana Swimming or become an official. For more info check out the links below.

Volunteer Opportunities
Information on Becoming an Official