Registration Guidelines

  • Registrations are effective from September 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022
  • Electronic registration file should be sent to [email protected]
  • Registration effective date is date file is emailed
  • Transfer forms should be scanned and emailed with your registration files
  • An invoice will be sent showing the amount owed. DO NOT send checks or use PayPal until you know the correct amount. Checks will be returned if they are not for the correct amount.
  • Payments must be sent within 2 weeks of submitting file

Registration Questions?  Send an email to [email protected]

Athlete Registration Forms

All athletes registering as members of a Louisiana Swimming club should submit applications and payments to their respective club.  Only unattached athletes should send application and payment to Louisiana Swimming.

Registration Forms Updated April 19, 2022

2022 Year-Round Premium Athlete Registration ($85)

2022 Seasonal Athlete Registratiom ($50)

Season 1:  9/1/2021 - 12/31/2021
Season 2:  4/1/2022 - 7/31/2022

2022 Flex Athlete Registration ($20)

2022 Flex Upgrade ($65)

2022 Year-Round Outreach Athlete Registration ($8)

     Louisiana Swimming Outreach Qualification Form

Athlete Transfer ($42)

This form is required for any athlete registered during the current or previous season who is moving from one USAS Club Team to a different USAS Club Team.  Form and check should be submitted from the new club team

Non-Athlete Registration Form
Coaches, Officials and Others

2022 Non-Athlete Registration Form Revised ($80)

USA Swimming Background Screening - Background Screening is required for ALL Non-Athletes

USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training - Athlete Protection Training is required for ALL Non-Athletes

Coach Membership Requirements - List of the certifications required of all coaches

STSC Water-Skills Checklist - Checklist which can be used to satisfy the STSC water skills component (Updated 3/18/2021)

Foundations of Coaching - New Coaches are required to complete an education requirement. First year coaches must complete Foundations of Coaching 101.  Second year coaches must complete FOC 201 and Rules and Regulations prior to registering for their second year. 

Concussion Training Protocol - Information for coaches on concussion training courses.


Club Registration Form
Coaches, Officials and Others


2022 Club Registration Form

    Year Round Club Fees:
         Early-bird paid before Oct. 1 - $170
         Paid before Nov. 1 - $270
         Paid after Dec. 1 - $370


     Seasonal Club Fees:  $90
         Season 1:  9/1/2021 - 12/31/2021
         Season 2:  4/1/2022 - 7/31/2022