What is the Louisiana Swimming LSC:

Louisiana Swimming is USA Swimming's local governing body for the state of Louisiana that is responsible for organizing, supporting and governing USA Swimming's swim clubs across the state.  Louisiana Swimming is comprised of 27 swim clubs, over 180 coaches, over 130 officials and more than 3,100 athletes.

Mission of Louisiana Swimming:

Provide opportunities for all members to achieve their potential through swimming.


Louisiana Swimming for life. Enjoy the experience!

Core Values:

Leadership  ~  Inclusive  ~  Respect  ~  Integrity  ~  Camaraderie

Upcoming Swim Meets


LA Swimming Athlete Selected for 2021 National Diversity Select

Congratulations to Derek Zhang with NuWave Swim Club for being selected to the USA Swimming's 2021 National Diversity Select Camp

By Judy Ramirez

Louisiana Swimmers of the Year

Congratulations to Louisiana Swimming's Swimmers of the Year for 2021 Season Senior Swimmers of the Year: Female: Rylee Moore (Crawfish Aquatics) Male: Jacques Rathle...

By Judy Ramirez

2021 Louisiana Short Course Championship Meet Winners

Congratulations to our Swimmers of the Meet, High Point Winners and State Record Holders

By Judy Ramirez

LA Swimming State Records Updated

Updated state records now posted on Times page.

By Judy Ramirez