The DEI Athlete Sub-Committee,in partnership with the Board of Directors and coaches of NES
compiled this video message for Black History Month. (click on image)   




To the New England Swimming Community,
Below is a statement from the New England Swimming Board of Directors related to the Black Lives Matter movement. The Board recognizes that this statement took longer to develop than we would have liked and would like to apologize for the delay. Over the last couple of months, the Board engaged in a productive dialogue to begin to understand the difficult and complex issues of racial and social justice and their relevance to the diversity, equity and inclusion of New England Swimming as an institution. We welcome everyone to join us in developing awareness and collaborating with us as we strive to act in ways that are consistent with our mission to  "Provide opportunities for all to achieve their highest potential in competitive swimming".
New England Swimming believes that Black lives matter. We are committed to taking action to address the ways racism and privilege have created barriers within our organization and within our sport. We commit to recruiting members of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Coordinators, and other volunteers, including people of color, who are committed to addressing these barriers.
We acknowledge that there are significant gaps in our understanding of how systemic oppression and institutionalized racism permeate our own actions, and the entire New England Swimming organization. We commit to exploring and enacting new ways to expand our connection to and support of the athletes, families, teams, and communities that we impact. We commit to make ongoing space for formalized education and facilitated discussions for our LSC leadership and membership to not only acknowledge that our sport is disproportionally white, but to create and implement strategies to make New England Swimming fully inclusive and equitable to all.
For additional information, resources, and educational material, please see the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources page on the New England Swimming web site.


The Board of Directors of New England Swimming