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The New England Swimming Community stands firmly in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islanders.
We fully condemn the recent violent acts and deplore all forms of racism. As an organization, we commit to supporting the AAPI members of our community,and those across the country, by actively engaging in critical work,education, and conversations, and reporting any acts of AAPI hate that we may witness.



MEET FEE PROPOSALS passed by BOD on September 25, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the requirements for meet hosting have changed significantly.The resources and information are linked below.

Teams can host meets listed below in the remaining months of LCM season, as long as all of the new requirements are met. NE Swimming has waived all fees (such as surcharges and travel fees) except for the cost of the sanction, until September 1st.

Virtual Sanctioned Meet: This is a meet with one host team and one sanction for a period of up to 10 days across one or more sites. The sites are under the umbrella of the host team using the same order of events. Results will be merged and sent into SWIMS. The host team Meet Ref needs to be up to date and in touch with the latest requirements. VIRTUAL MEETS and how to run them

Virtual Non-sanctioned Meet: This meet is run the same as above but requires no sanction and no officials. The merged results will be entered into a non-official SWIMS database that can be accessed for informational reasons.

Virtual Meet Finances: Each site receives meet fees from the participants at their site only and can charge what they feel is appropriate up to the limits set forth in the NE Swimming sanctioned meet guidelines, and has their own meet staff to run the meets and acts financially independently of the other sites. 

Sanctioned Intra-squad Meet: same as Virtual sanctioned meets but without other sites.

Non-sanctioned Intra-Squad Meet: same as Virtual non-sanctioned meets.

Sanctioned Dual Meet: Same as intrasquad but with two teams

Non-sanctioned Meet of any kind: results can be sent to the unofficial SWIMS database for informational reasons.


Sanction Requirements

2020-2021 MEET BID FORM : Meet hosts must submit a bid for any meet to be sanctioned. Non sanctioned meets do not need to be bid on, but you may want to inform the office you are running a competition.All the requirements are listed in the bid form. (due Aug 15th)

Once the bid is accepted, a request for sanction must be submitted with all the appropriate documents, including the Meet Announcement and the Hy-tek file.

Meet Sanction & Approval Application

2020-21 SCY Meet Announcement Template (updated with covid waivers 9/1) Use the current Meet Announcement Template that has all the required language for covid:

Host teams must secure a Meet Ref that will guide you through all the ever changing new requirements of hosting the meet.

LIST OF 2020 MEET REFS HERE. Contact them directly. 


Considerations for Meet Referees
Meet considerations with clarifications
Non sanctioned Virtual Meets
Sanctioned Virtual Meets 2020


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