2015-2016 New England Swimming Approved, and Non-Calendar Meets
(these meets are by invitation only and set by the host's organizational guidelines)
Date CLUB Meet Sanc # Results
October 17, 2015 UVAC Quad Meet Invite 16-1017N results
Oct 25, 2015
LRW Invite
16-1025N results
Oct 24-25, 2015 HYV YMCA Invitiational 16-102425A results
Oct 24-25, 2015 ORO ORO Invitational 16-066N 10U  11O
Nov 1, 2015 YNS Spooky Splash Invite 16-1101A Results
Nov 8, 2015 ORO ORO Invitational 16-067N Results
Nov 21, 2015 UVAC UVAC Invitational 16-081 TT Results
Nov 22-23, 2015 SSYS SSYS Thanksgiving Invite 16-1120A Results
Dec 5-6 WYST WYST Invite closed Y meet 16-1205A Results
Dec 6, 2015 ORO ORO Invitational 16-068N Results
Dec 11-12, 2015 SSYS SSYS Santa Sprints Invite 16-1211A TT Results
Dec 19-20, 2015 YMCA 2015 Northeastern Y Winter Champs 16-1219A TT Results
Jan 15-17, 2016 YMCA 2016 SENECY Winter Carnival 16-0115A TT Results
Jan 16, 2016 CTS NHSA Non calendar meet at Claremont 6-0116N TT Results
Jan 17, 2016 ORO ORO Invitational 16-069N Results
Jan 16, 2016 MST MST Invitational 16-078N TT Results
Jan 24, 2016 UVAC CVI Invitational Non Calendar 16-0124N TT Results
Jan 30, 31 Feb 6,7 YMCA Districts at Kennedy Pool, Somerville 16-0130A TT Results
Jan 30-31, 2016 YMCA Western Districts at Westfield YMCA 16-01301ATT Results
Mar 4-6, 2016 YMCA 2016 SENECY Championships, BU 16-0304A TT  
Mar 12,13, 19, 20 YMCA Y New Englands, MIT 16-0312A TT  
Mar 18-19 2016 ORO TSSA Championships 16-070 TT Results
Mar 18-20, 2016 UVAC NHSA Championships, Upper Valley, VT 16-0318N TT Results
May 1   2016 Leap Into Long Course, Springfield 16-0501 A Results
May 14-15 KCY KCY Sea Otters Summer Splash, RI 16-0514A-TT Results
May 28 MST Summer Meet, Manchester, NH 16-139N-TT Results
June 5 ORO June meet, UNH 16-140N-TT  
June 11-12 KCY KCY Sandcastle Meet, RI 16-0611A-TT  
June 17 YNS Distance Meet 16-143 TT  
June 24-26 HRY YMCA Invite 16-0624A  
July 27 ORO July meet, UNH 16-141N-TT  
july 29-31 MST GSSA Championships 16-0729A Results


Jan 9, 2016: RILL Reed Watmough Invite, Roger Williams
January 24, RILL Bay View Invitational, Brown University

Feb 4, MIAA MVC Boys Division 1 Championships, Haverhill

Feb 5, MIAA DCL Girls Championships, Sudbury
Feb 6, MIAA DCL Boys Championships, Sudbury
Feb 7, MIAA Cape Ann League Conference, Salem MA

Feb 13, NHIAA Girls/Boys DI High School Championships, UNH
Feb 14: NHIAA Girls/Boys DII High School Championships, UNH

Feb 13, MIAA Girl's/Boys's West sectionals, Springfield College
Feb 13, MIAA GIrls Central/South Sectionals, MIT, Cambridge
Feb 13, MIAA GIrls North Sectionals, MIT Cambridge
Feb 14, MIAA Boy's Central/South Sectionals, MIT Cambridge
Feb 14, MIAA Boy's North Sectionals, MIT, Cambridge
Feb 19, MIAA Girl's Division I State Championships, BU, Boston MA
Feb 20, MIAA Boy's Division II State Championships, BU, Boston, MA
Feb 20, MIAA Boy's Division I State Championships, BU Boston, MA
Feb 21, MIAA Girl's Division II State Championships, BU, Boston, MA

Feb 20, RIIAA High School Championships, DI,II,III Brown University, RI

Mar 5-6 NEPSC Division I @ Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA
March 5 NEPSC Division II @ Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
11/5/2015 MIAA Merrimac Valley Conference Haverhill High, Haverhill, MA
MIAA Girls and Boys South Sectionals
MIT, Cambridge, MA
11/14/2015 MIAA Girls and Boys North Sectionals MIT, Cambridge, MA
11/22/2015 MIAA Girls and Boys Div. II States Harvard Univ, Cambridge
11/22/2015 MIAA Girls and Boys Div. I States Harvard Univ, Cambridge