Sept 29 CRA CRA-WACK Dual meet Simmons J, Castaldo 19-0929CRA-N Results
Oct 13 UVAC Non-Calendar Tri Meet Invite at UVAC Mary Gentry 19-1013UVAC-N Results
Oct 14 GMA Non Calendar Tri Meet at St. Mikes Laura Matuszak 19-1014GMA-N Results
Oct 20 PVA Dual meet KarrieHonecker 19-1020PVA-N Results
Oct 20-21 KCY Approved closed Y VIRTUAL meet ay McDermott Pool Jason Buchanon 19-1021KCY-A Results
Oct 28 ORO Non Calender Meet at UNH Laura Fant 19-1028ORO-N Results
Oct 26-28 ANA CLOSED Y MEET   19-1026ANA-A Results
Oct 27-28 WYST/HYV Closed Y approved meet at Westfield Y Nick Provost 19-1027WYST-A Results
Nov 3-4 NBY CLOSED Y meet at New Bedford YMCA Louis Arruda 19-1103NBY-A Results
Nov 4 ORO Non calendar at UNH Laura Fant 19-1104ORON Results
Nov 4 MIAA Bay State Conference at Wellesley     Results
Nov 11 MIAA Girls and Boys North Sectionals at MIT     Results
Nov 11 MIAA Girls and Boys South Sectionals at MIT     Results
Nov 16-18 SSYS Approved Closed Y Meet at Lincoln Hancock Louis Arruda 19-1116SSYS-A Results
NOV 17 YNS Approved Closed Meet at Y North Shore John Brennan 19=1117YNS-A Results
Nov 18 MIAA Girls and Boys STATES D I at Harvard     Results
Nov 18 MIAA Girls and Boys STATES D II at Harvard     Results
Nov 25 HAY Approved Closed Meet at Milford Community Pool Kevin Schmitt 19-1125HAY-A Results
Dec 8 YNS Approved Closed Meet at Y of North Shore John Brennan 19-1208YNS-A Results
Dec 9 ORO Non calendar meet at UNH Laura Fant 19-1909ORO-N Results
Dec 17 NBY CLOSED Y MEET at BU:(Monday only sanctioned) Louis Arruda 19-1217NBY-A Results
Jan 4-6 BYB Closed Y meet at Burbank Y Valerie Wadell NE19-0104BYB-A Results
Jan 5-6 KCY Approved closed Y meet at McDermott Pool, RI Jason Buchanon NE19-0105KCY-A Results
Jan 12 RIAA Bay View Invite at Brown      
Jan 12 ORO Non calendar meet at UNH Laura Fant 19-0112ORO-N Results
Jan 11-13 YMCA SENECY CLOSED Y MEET at BU   Louis Arruda 19-0111YMCA-A Results
Jan 16 MELY Closed Y Meet, Melrose Y      
Jan 26 HYV Closed Y approved meet Holyoke Y WMYSL Winter Champs Patrick Johnstone 19-0126HYV-A Results
Jan 27 Newport Y Closed Y meet Newport Y Louis Arruda NE19-0127YMCA-A Results
Jan 26-27 YMCA Closed Y Eastern Mass Districts at WPI   NE19-0126YMCA-A Results
Jan 27 RIIAA RIIAA Read Watmough Invite, Roger Williams     Results
Jan 31 MIAA MIAA Midland Wachusett League Champ Meet, Worcester     Results
Jan 31 MIAA MIAA Catholic Central ,St. John's Prep     Results
Feb 1 MIAA CLL Conference Meet, St. John's Prep      
Feb 2 or 3 ORO Non Calendar meet at UNH Laura Fant 19-0202ORO-N Results
Feb 3 MIAA MIAA Cape Ann League Champs     Results
Feb 8-9 NHIAA NHIAA State Meets, Boys/Girls/DI and DII: UNH     DI resuls
D2 results
Feb 9 MIAA MIAA Girls South and North Sectionals at MIT:     GirlsSouth
Feb 10 MIAA MIAA Boys South and North Sectionals at MIT     BoysSouth
Feb 10 MIAA MIAA Central/West Sectionals: at Springfield College     Boys
Feb 16 MIAA MIAA Girls DI and DII States at BU      
Feb 17 MIAA MIAA Boys DI and DII States at BU      
Feb 23 RIIAA RIIAA State Championships  at Brown University      
Feb 23 MIAA MIAA  EIL Prep League at Dana Hall      
Feb 23 MIAA Wilmot Babcock Invitational @ Williston      
Mar 2-3 MIAA NEPSAC Div I, Deerfield Academy      
Mar 13 MELY Closed Y Meet      
Mar 22-23 UVAC NHSA Champs: NON CALENDAR at UVAC Mary Gentry 19-0322UVAC-N Results
Mar 22-24 ORO TSSA MEET: NON CALENDAR Laura Fant 19-0322ORO-N Results
Mar 22-24 YMCA Closed YMCA: Y New England Champs Richard Whitworth 19-0322YMCA-A Results