(Meets are posted when the Intent to Host forms are received)

Contact Event
Sanc # Results
April 3-4   NSSC Specialty Meet, (SCY)
at Medford High
100% March 19 Dan Warner   hytek  file 


April 10 USC Intra-Squad Meet (SCY) at Atkinson Swimming Pool 100% April 5 Gretchen Turner   NE21-0410USC Results
April 16 CRA Intra-Squad Relay Carnival 
at Boston Sports Institute (SCY)
100%   Jonathan Castaldo   NE21-0416CRA Results
April 17 CRIM Specialty Meet (SCY)
at Whitinsville Community Center
100% March 25 Peter Zeiger hytek
NE21-0417CRIM Results
April 17 JCCS   Intra-Squad meet (SCY) 100%   Ashley Vieira   NE21-0417JCCS Results
April 17 AA Dual Meet (SCY) at Cumberland High School 100%   Jeffrey Miksis   NE21-0417AA Results
April 25 HAY Intra-Squad Meet (SCY)
at Hockomock YMCA
100%   Michele Sinotte   NE21-0425HAY Results
April 30-May 2 STRM   Intra-Squad Meet (SCY) at YMCA of Greater Nashua 100%   Dave Bott   NE21-0430STRM Results
May 1 NSSC Intra-Squad meet (LCM)
at Hanscom AFB
100%   Tony Padvaiskas   NE21-0501NSSC Results
May 1-2 SSC Specialty Meet (SCY) FULL   Chris Payson Hytek file NE21-0501SSC Results
May 7 CCFF Intra-Squad Meet (SCY) 100%   Ben Van Dyk   NE21-0507CCFF Results
May 8 MWYS Intra Squad Meet (SCY)
at Boston Sports Institute
100%   Erika Sheinhait   NE21-0508MWYS Results
May 12 NES   Meet Director Workshop            
May 14 -15 CRA Specialty meet (SCY)
at Boston Sports Institute
100%   Jonathan Castaldo   NE21-0514CRA Results
May 14-16 PHX Specialty Meet (SCY) at Lawrence Boys and Girls Club 100% May 1 Matt Williams   NE21-0514PHX Results
May 14-16 BGSC Specialty Meet (SCY) at Seekonk High School 100%   Ray Grant Hytek File NE21-0514BGSC Results
May 13-16 EZ   EZ Super Sectionals, Richmond, VA            
May 15-16 PVAA Intra-Squad Meet (LCM) at Springfield College 100%   Corey Lomas   NE21-0515PVAA Results
May 15-16 YNS Intra-Squad Meet (LCM) at Sterling Center YMCA 100%   Dan Sionkiewicz   NE21-0515YNS Results
May 15-16 CRIM Specialty Meet at Wayland Community Pool 100% May 1 Matt Craven Hytek File NE21-0515CRIM Results
May 16 HAY Dual Meet (SCY)
at Hockomock YMCA
100%   Michele SInotte Hytek File NE21-0516HAY Results
May 21-22 JCCS   Dual Meet (SCY) at JCC of North Shore 100%   Ashley Vieira   NE21-0521JCCS Results
May 21-22 ESC Specialty Meet (SCY) at Executive Swim Club 100% May 14 Jenelle Dolan Hytek File NE21-0521ESC Results
May 21-23 CRIM Specialty Meet (SCY)
100%   Mike Spring hytek file NE21-0521CRIM Results
May 22 USC Specialty Meet (SCY) at Atkinson Pool  100%   Gretchen Turner hytek file NE21-0522USC Results
May 22-23 NSSC. Specialty Meet (SCY) UPDATED LOCATION at Gordon College 100% April 16 Dan Warner hytek file  NE21-0522NSSC Results
May 22-23 BYB   Intra-Squad Meet (SCY) 100%   Brian Paulsen   NE21-0522BYB Results
May 22-23 CCSC   Intra-Sqaud Meet (SCY)
at YMCA Cape Cod
100%   Adrienne Fontes   NE21-0522CCSC Results
May 22-23 SSC Specialty Meet(SCY) at the Egan Center 100% May 4 Chris Payson hytek file NE21-0522SSC Results
May 22 UVAC   Specialty Meet (SCY) at Upper Valley Aquatic Center 100% May 17 Mary Gentry hytek file NE21-0522UVAC Results
May 26 NES   HOUSE OF DELEGATES MEETING     Carol Healey      
May 28-29 MWYS Specialty Meet (SCY) at Metrowest YMCA 100%   Erika Sheinhait hytek file NE21-0528MWYS Results
May 29-30 CLIP   Intra-Squad Meet at Ludlow Boys and Girls Club 100%   Mark Gehring   NE21-0529CLIP Results
May 28-30 ATST Specialty Meet (LCM) at Springfield College FULL   Andy Shields   NE21-0528ATST Results
June 5 NSSC Specialty Meet(SCY) UPDATED LOCATION at Gordon College 100% April 23 Dan Warner   NE21-0605NSSC Results
June 5 NANT   Dual Meet at Nantucket Community Pool 100% May 24 Rachael Freeman   NE21-0605NANT Results
June 5-6 BGSC Specialty Meet (SCY) at Seekonk High School 100%   Ray Grant hytek file NE21-0605BGSC Results
June 5-6 STRM   Specialty Meet (SCY) at Greater Nashua YMCA 100% May 7 Dave Bott Hytek File NE21-0605STRM Results
June 6 KING   Specialty Meet (SCY) at RWU 100%   Matt Emmert Hytek File NE21-0606KING Results
June 11-13 CRA