ZONE INFORMATION (updated June 17th)

This page is a working document and will be updated as information is received.

New England Swimming will form a team and coaching staff to attend the meet in Ithaca, but all individual swimmers/families will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations.


HEAD COACH: Scott Ellis (UVAC)

TEAM COACHES: Hadleigh Weber (ATLA), Stephen Anderson (CS), Jim Hennessey (SNAP)



Register for the 2022 New England Zone Team (must have 3 qualifying times to be considered)

1. Go to Zone Website

2. Click on the Continue or Check Status box that is green

3. Click on Create New Account (even if you have attended zones before)- if you already have a TeamUnify account, use that email and password

4. Enter all information asked for

5. Click on add Member

6. Enter all the information about the swimmer attending zones

7. Confirm the swimmer's name is on the top of the page (before moving to the waiver section)

8. Read and Agree to waivers

9. Read and Confirm information to be submitted

10. Submit registration

Once your registration has been approved you will receive an email with the next steps to take and with information about the trip and the fees.

2022 Qualifying Times  UPDATED 6/13/22 (must have 3 qualifying times to be considered for the NES Zone Team)