2020-2021 SCY Meet Calendar (Calendar and Non-Calendar)

The Age Group and Senior Committees' goal is to hold a slate of end of season championship meets that looks and feels familiar to the LSC membership and this is reflected on our meet calendar.  That being said, we must be dynamic and flexible in order to respond to the circumstances as they arise with respects to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We will strive to provide the best possible competitive opportunities within the LSC while also following governmental safety guidelines.  Please be understanding if or when the end of season schedule has to be revised and restructured.   If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Development and Performance Chair Chris Sheppard at [email protected]

If you are interested in participating in a Virtual meet listed, contact the person listed to arrange the set up for your site.
Contact Carol at the NE Office if you need more information. [email protected], 781-449-0270

Dates  Club  SSRP Type of Meet Entry  Entry Opens Contact Event File Sanction  Results
Sept 19 UVAC   Sanctioned Meet
White River Jct, VT
100% Sept. 3 Mary Gentry   NE21-0919VUVAC Results
Sept 19 STRM   Virtual Meet, Nashua NH 100% Sept 14 Dave Bott   NE21-0919STRM Results
Sept 26-27 CRIM-AND Sanctioned Specialty Meet,
Grtr.Lawrence Tech, Andover
100% Sept 14 Mike Spring   NE21-0926CRIMA Results
Sept 27 HAY Intra-Squad Meet Closed Sept 14 Bill Carline   NE21-0927HAY-A Results
Oct 3 BGSC Intra-Squad Meet, RI closed Sept 25 Ray Grant   NE21-1003BGSC Results
Oct 4 NES   A Conversation about Race   ZOOM        
Oct 3- 4, SSC  Sanctioned Specialty Meet
Milton, MA
100% Sept 21 Dan Warner   NE21-1003SSC Results
Oct 4 HAY Closed Inra-squad Meet Closed Oct 1 Bill Carline   NE21-1004HAY-A Results
Oct 10 UVAC   Sanctioned Quad meet
White River Jct, VT
100% Oct 4 Mary Gentry   NE21-1010UVAC Results
Oct. 17 CRIM-WELL Sanctioned IntraSquad Meet at Dana Hall, Wellesley 100% Oct 10 Matt Craven   NE21-1017SAC Results
Oct 16-18 SSC  Sanctioned Specialty Meet, Milton, MA 100% Oct 4 Dan Warner Event Fle NE21-1016SSC Results
Oct 17 JCCS   Intrasquad Meet 100% Oct 10 Ashley Vieira   NE21-1017JCCS Results
Oct 17 STRM   Virtual Meet Nashua NH 100% OCt 10 Dave Bott   NE21-1017STRM Results
Oct 23-25 MWYS Intrasquad Meet in Framingham CL Oct 19 Annette Robinson   NE21-1023MWYS Results
Oct 24 LIFE   Intra-squad Meet, Framingham MA CL Oct 8 Leo Wright   NE21-1024LIFE Results
Oct 24-25 CRIM-AND Sanctioned Specialty Meet,Grtr.Lawrence Tech, Andover 100% Oct 6 Mike Spring Event File NE21-1024CRIMA Results
Oct 24-25 SOLO/CS Dual Meet at Haverhill High 100% Oct 21 Paul Mueller   NE21-1024SOLO Results
Oct 25 HAY Intra-squad Meet, Hockomock YMCA 100% Oct 17 Bill Carline   NE21-1025HAY Results
Oct 30-Nov 1   CRA Sanctioned Meet, Boston Sports Institute, Wellesley MA 100% Oct 4 Jonathan Costaldo   NE21-1030CRA Results
Oct 31 RAYS   Sanctioned Specialty meet. Salem, NH 75%/25% Oct 4 Marilyn Soraghan   NE21-1031RAYS Results
Oct 31-Nov1 BGSC Specialty Meet, Rhode Island 100% Oct 19 Ray Grant Event File NE21-1031SEEK Results
Oct 31-Nov 1 CRIM-WELL Dual Meet at WCP 100% Oct 21 Matt Craven   NE21-1031SAC Results
Oct 31-Nov 1 CCSC   Intra-Squad at Y Cape Cod, Barnstable 100% Oct 21 Alan Sanders   NE21-1031CCSC Results
Nov 6-8 PHX Intra-squad Meet 100%   Greg Gowern   NE21-1106PHX Results
Nov 7 CRIM-WELL Sanctioned  Meet at Dana Hall, Wellesley 100% Oct 26 Matt Craven   NE21-1107SAC Results
Nov 7-8 UVAC   Dorsi Raynolds Memorial Intrasquad  Meet
White River Jct, VT
100% Oct. 9 Mary Gentry   NE21-1107UVAC Results
Nov 7-8 YNS Virtual Meet with JCCS Beverly, MA  100% Oct 21 Dan Sionkiewicz Events file NE21-1107YS Results
      JCCS Site  (Nov 13-14) 100%   Ashley Vieira     Results
Nov 7 YNS Closed Y meet, Beverly, MA 100%   Dan Sionkiewicz   NE21-1114YNS Results
Nov 8 NSSC Sanctioned Distance at Medford High School 100% Oct 9 Dan Warner   NE21-1108NSSC Results
Nov 8 HAY HAY will Survive intra-squad meet 100% Oct 26 Bill Carline   NE21-1108HAY Results
Nov 14-15 PVAA
PVAA  Intra-squad
Virtual Oct 30
Corey Lomas
  NE21-1114ATST Results
Nov 13-15, Nov 21-22 SSC Specialty Meet, Milton MA 100% Oct 25 Chris Payson Events file NE21-1113SSC Results
Nov 14 USC Intra-Squad Meet 100%   Gretchen Turner   NE21-1114USC Results
Nov 14 MWYS Dual Meet at Boston Sports Institute 100% Nov 9 Erika Sheinhait   NE21-1114MWYS Results
Nov 14-15 CRIM-AND 12 U Specialty Meet, Grtr.Lawrence Tech, Andover 100% Oct 30 Mike Spring Events file NE21-1114CRIMA Results
Nov 20-22 NSSC Sanctioned Specialty Meet, Boston Sports Institute, Wellesley 100% Nov 6 Dan Warner Events file NE21-1120NSSC Results
Nov 21 NANT   Intra-squad Meet 100%       NE-211121NANT Results
Nov 21 HYV   Closed Y Intra-squad Meet 100%   Nick Provost   NE21-1121HYV-A Results