In prelims both Landon Him (ABF) and Rittivuth Chea (CRIM) broke the NE and RES 11-12 50 back records of 25.99 held by Him with Chea ending up on top with a 25.93. At finals, Him stole his records back with a 25.59! Him also broke the NE and RES records in the 200 fly with a time of 2:01.03 breaking Anthony Minickiello (KYD)'s record of 2:03.93.

In the girls 11-12 200 medley relay both ABF and PHX girls surpassed the previous NE and RES records of 1:53.86 held by CRIM (Chea, Donahue, Yao, Tramack) with thePHX relay of Carsyn Ide, Michaela Chokureva, Malia Amuan and Alexis Martino winning the event in 1:51.53!

In the boys 11-12 200 medley relay, both ABF and BGSC broke the previous ABF (Him, Lutz, Watka and Misto) record of 1:51.81 with the ABF team of Landon Him, Ty Lutz, Ryan Shute and James Misto finishing in 1:47.51!

Friday finals:
Landon Him (ABF) does it again! Landon's time of 1:58.99 in the 11-12 200 back breaks Will Barao (SYSS)'s previous NE and RES records of 2:01.00 set in 2014! Congratulations!

Saturday finals:
The PHX girls 11-12 400 free relay of Michaela Chokureva, Malia Amuan, Megan Reich and Alexis Martino shattered the previous NE and RES ABF (Kramer, White, Buche and Maguire) records of 3:41.51 with a new time of 3:36.92!
Sunday  prelims:
Nareg Minassian (CRIM) set a new 11-12 NE record in the 50 breast. His time of 29.51 breaks the old record of 29.68 set by Max Reich (PHX) in 2015!
Sunday finals:
In the 11-12 200 free relay, thePHX team of Michaela Chokureva, Malia Amuan, Megan Reich and Alexis Martino finished in 1:39.09 breaking the old NE and RES records of 1:43.23 set by MVP (Wilson, Siu, Chang and Brown) back in 1997. ABF finishing in 2nd also surpassed the previous records with a 1:42.64.

On the boys' side, the ABF team of Landon Him, Ty Lutz, James Misto and Ryan Shute blasted a time of 1:38.60 shattering the old NE and RES records of 1:42.29 held by CRA (Radouch, Oi, Downing, and  Asuaje-Solon) since 2009! The second place BGSC also surpassed the previous record!

In the girls 11-12 50 breast, Emma Hall (CONY) set a new NE record with a time of 31.16 toppling the previous record of 31.37 held by Sophia Brindisi (SAC) since last year.

For the boys, Nareg Minassian (CRIM) reset his NE record from prelims with a time with a time of 29.42!

Landon Him won the 11-12 100 back with a time of 54.92 breaking the NE and RES records of 55.52 held by Brian Fiske (MVP) since 1999.

The 11-12 Girls 400 medley relay also saw both ABF and PHX teams break the NE and RES records with the ABF foursome of Aislin Farris, Ava Larkin, Katie White and Brynn Wright finishing in 4:05.71. The previous records was 4:07.80 set by ABF (Mlakar, Larkin, Buche and White) in December.

Finally, the 11-12 ABF boys capped off the meet toppling the 400 medley NE and RES records by over 10 SECONDS! The team of James Misto, Ryan Shute, Landon Him and Ty Lutz won with a time of 3:58.52 surpassing the old marks of 4:09.10 set by ABF (Delisle, Him, Watka and Lutz) earlier this season. The 2nd place BGSC team also broke the previous mark!

Congratulations to all!