In Long Island this past weekend, Landon Him (ABF) set a new 11-12 RES 100 back record. His time of 1:05.44 surpassed the old record of 1:05.79 set by Brian Fiske (MVP) in 1998!

The ABF 11-12 boys 200 medley relay of James Misto,Ty Lutz, Landon Him and Josh Parent swam a time of 2:09.04 breaking the previous RES record of 2:12.39 set by the 1997 MVP team of B.Fiske, M.Lenihan, W.Shearhouse,and  N.Schef.
The ABF 11012 boys 200 free relay in the order of Him, Parent, Misto and Lutz swam a time of 1:53.80 breaking the previous RES record of 1:55.71 held by the 2005 BOSS team of L.Spinazzola,B. LaChance J.Bailey, and D.McCoy-Palmer.