Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Chair, Board Position Open

NES Office

The New England Swimming Board of Directors is seeking an individual into Chair the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. This is a Board position.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

•       Educate, facilitate, and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion within New England Swimming (NES)

•       Actively participate in all Board Meetings

•       Recruit and lead members of the DE&I Committee and other stakeholders to accomplish the objectives of the committee.

•       Together with the Vice Chair of Program Operations, establish goals for the committee and the budget required to achieve those goals.    

•       Deliver regular reports to General Chair, Board of Directors and House of Delegates.

•       Develop short and long-term projects that will benefit the LSC and its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion objectives.

Create and coordinate community related activities throughout NES that help promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

•       Develop, coordinate and implement strategies, policies and programs that support prospective, new and current NES membership.

•       Develop mentoring contacts and relationships.

•       Communicate information about programs and activities that support DEI  to NES clubs.

•       Collaborate with other NES Committee Chairs to embed the broad objectives of DE&I.

•       Participate in regular communication with Zone Diversity Coordinator.

Term: Two Years

Position Requirements

•       USA and New England Swimming Membership

•       Must possess the ability to think about D&I on an LSC level versus representing ideas/situations specific to their local area or team.  

•       Strong interpersonal skills: ability to communicate professionally across all stakeholders

•       Strong oral and written communication skills

•       Strong organizational and planning skills