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The New England Swimming Community stands firmly in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islanders.
We fully condemn the recent violent acts and deplore all forms of racism. As an organization, we commit to supporting the AAPI members of our community,and those across the country, by actively engaging in critical work,education, and conversations, and reporting any acts of AAPI hate that we may witness.

New England

The New England Swimming Officials Committee works to advance the national Officials Committee mission statement:

To conduct programs to recruit, educate, train and certify a diverse team of USA Swimming officials to provide the highest quality and consistent officiating for athletes at all levels of swimming.

Documentation for advancement in these specific positions is provided below:

USA Swimming

Officials certified by New England Swimming are credentialed to work any meet certified in the LSC and will generally be welcome on deck at local meets hosted outside New England.  For officials interested in working higher level National meets or who wish to undergo formal training, mentoring, and evaluation as part of their professional advancement, USA Swimming maintains a National Certification Program.