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USA Swimming Membership Requirements

• Membership each year is valid only through the earliest expiration date of APT or BGC

• It is up to you to know expiration dates and renew requirements prior to those dates

Renew your USA Swimming membership each calendar year by registering with New England Swimming and paying the annual membership fee.

• This must be done EVERY year.

• Registration begins on September 1 each year for the following year.

❏ Complete USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training (APT) EVERY year

• Expires 365 days after you previously took the training course.

• If you complete this requirement prior to expiration, you will take a 15 minute refresher course instead of repeating the entire course.

❏ Complete a Level 2 Background Check (BGC)

• Expires 24 months after previous BGC processed.

Questions on Registration and membership requirements? Contact the New England Swimming Registrar at [email protected]

How to keep your membership and certifications current

USA Swimming requirements to maintain valid membership

Put the Deck Pass Plus App on your mobile device to track your own status and history

NE Swimming Requirements to maintain your Officials Certifications

Each NE Swimming Official is responsible for notifying the Officials Chair of any requested change in their own status

NE Swimming Officials Re-certification Requirements

• There are session, testing and clinic requirements at all levels. Re-certifications are processed on an ANNUAL basis in early December for upcoming calendar year.

❏ Work at least the minimum number of sessions per calendar year at New England Swimming sanctioned meets.

• Stroke and Turn Judges - minimum 4 sessions/year

• Starters - minimum 8 sessions/year

• Deck Referees - minimum 10 sessions/year

• Administrative Officials - minimum 4 sessions/year

❏ Attend the appropriate NE Swimming Officials Clinic.

• Stroke and Turn Judges, Starters, and Administrative Officials - within the previous 3 calendar years – yearly attendance is encouraged.

• Deck Referees - within the previous 2 calendar years – yearly attendance is encouraged.

❏ Take — and pass the USA Swimming recertification tests, at minimum, those for your highest level of certification, on USA Swimming online testing page, within previous 3 calendar years - Referees must take, at minimum, both the Referee Re-Cert test AND the Admin Referee Re-Cert test. Yearly testing is encouraged.

❏ Review the Professional Documents from USA Swimming for each position for which you hold certification.

Questions on Training and Certification requirements? Contact the New England Swimming Officials Committee at [email protected]