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The New England Swimming Community stands firmly in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islanders.
We fully condemn the recent violent acts and deplore all forms of racism. As an organization, we commit to supporting the AAPI members of our community,and those across the country, by actively engaging in critical work,education, and conversations, and reporting any acts of AAPI hate that we may witness.


Athlete Registration Validation Tool  last updated  April 16th at 4:30 PM.. 

This tool allows Team Managers and Meet Managers to check their databases to make sure all athletes have correct registration in New England Swimming.

The online tool also states if a swimmer has "no proof of age on file" as well as provide registration errors. You can upload an export from your Hy-Tek Team Manager or Meet Manager database, or Team Unify, and receive an instant report regarding athletes with incorrect registration data.

PLEASE NOTE that this online tool does not verify registration status for out of New England Swimmers and does NOT verify if a FLEX swimmer has already competed in the maximum number of sanctioned meets.  You must send your registration file, or Meet back-up to the NES office for those  to be verified through SWIMS.

If you have any questions about how to use any Online Tool, please contact [email protected]. If you have any questions regarding New England registration data for a specific athlete, please contact Moriah Tyrrell: ([email protected]).