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Questions on Registration and membership requirements? Contact the New England Swimming Registrar at [email protected]

Register as a Non-Athlete member of USA Swimming via www.neswim.com “Registration” page - This is a yearly requirement and includes an annual membership fee

❏ Complete a Level 2 Background Check (every two years) found on www.usaswimming.org website on their Safe Sport page

❏ Complete USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Training (every year) also on www.usaswimming.org website on their Safe Sport page

❏ Complete an approved Concussion Training Course THEN EMAIL the certificate of completion to NE Swimming Registrar [email protected]. Links to NES recommended courses can be found on www.neswim.com “Registration” page

Create an account (which is separate from your paid membership) on www.usaswimming.org homepage and follow the steps to link the account to your Non-Athlete membership

New England Swimming is the Local Swim Committee (LSC) of USA Swimming for the states of MA, NH, RI, VT and is responsible for the USA Swimming activities within our boundaries


Register as member of USA Swimming and fulfill requirements to be Member in Good Standing

Complete training requirements to become a certified Administrative Official


Questions on Training and Certification requirements? Contact the New England Swimming Officials Committee @ [email protected]

❏ Attend a New England Swimming Clinic for New Administrative Officials. As clinics are scheduled, they can be found on the NE Swimming Officials webpage calendar

❏ Take and pass the USA Swimming Timer, Timing Judge, Clerk of Course, and Administrative Official (all open book) tests available on the USA Swimming online testing page

❏ Apprentice as AO for a minimum of 4 sessions with mentor who has minimum 1 year as certified AO, AR or Referee, until demonstrating competency in the position. The apprentice sessions must take place over a minimum of 2 separate meets.

❏ Review the Professional Official: Administrative Official document from www.usaswimming.org website - Officials > Officials Documents

❏ When the above steps are all completed, have a Meet Referee send email recommendation to [email protected] indicating that you have demonstrated competency as AO and that they are recommending you to be certified

❏ Requirements may be completed in any order!