New England time standards are overseen by both the Senior Chairman, Meghan Feran, [email protected]
and Vice Chair, Rhi Jeffrey [email protected] 

2022 LCM End of Season Time Standards

New England LCM Seniors, Time Standards

2022 10 & Under Championships (updated 5/4/22)
2022 11-14 LCM Age Group Championship time standards (updated 4/28 at 5:34 pm)

2022 LCM Silver Championships 14 & Under (reposted 6/7 with corrected 10U Cutoff)
2022 LCM Silver  Championships  Age 15-18 

2022 Eastern Zone AG Championship Time Standards UPDATED 6/13/22

HY-TEK FILES with end of Season time standards for meet programs (zipped) To import, go into your Meet in Hy-tek, go to File/unzip file and select the zipped AG file. It goes into ZipTemp on your C drive and use that file under events/time standards/import. Once you import it, change the name on it to be age specific, such as 10U, before you import the next one. 

Hint: Your events should be set up as multi age matching the time standards (10U, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18, open)

10 & UNDER 
11-14 AG