Business of the GSI Board,
Media/Public relations, Legal matters

General Chair
2nd (2021 - 2023)

Steve Potter

GSI Bylaws, GSI Policies & procedures,
GSI Rules & regulations

Admin Vice-Chair
2nd (2021-2023)

Lucas Curotto Ferreira

Meeting minutes, GSI business records

2nd (2021 - 2023)

Nancy Harmon

External financial matters, Fines,
Payments, Reimbursements

1st (2020 - 2022)

Kevin Sullivan

Financial business of GSI (internal)

Finance Vice-Chair
1st (2021 - 2023)

Rob Copeland

Senior State Championships
Senior swimming affairs
National Meet travel reimbursement policies

Senior Vice-Chair
1st (2021-2024)

Hugh Convery

Age Group State Championships.
Age Group swimming affairs
LSC team travel and camp selection

Age group vice-chair
1st (2020 - 2022)

Sydney Pepper

Coach education & requirements
Business of GSI athlete reps
LSC Coaches awards, Club development

Coaches Representatives
1st (2022-2024) 
finishing Jarrod Hunte's Term

Jason Swaim

Coach education & requirements
Business of GSI athlete reps
LSC Coaches awards, Club development

Coaches Representatives
1st 2022 - 2023
finishing Meredith Green's term

Andrew Beggs

Business of GSI Officials,
USAS rules and regulations

Officials Chair
Appointed (2017)

Ed Saltzman

Meet bids & long range planning,
Divisional Championship,
LSC Calendars

Technical Planning Chair
Appointed (Spring 2021)

Matthew Grant 

Business of GSI SafeSport,
SafeSport affairs and education,
Reporting a SafeSport incident

SafeSport Chair
Appointed (Spring 2021)

Michael O'Shaughnessy

Diversity, Inclusion, Outreach Swimming

Diversity coordinator

Tommie Jackson

Athlete Committee Senior Athlete Rep Rachel Todebush
Athlete Committee Senior Athlete Rep at Large Gracie Byerly
Athlete Committee Junior Athlete Rep Holly Mattson
Athlete Committee Junior Athlete Rep at Large Will Guichard

Appointed Coordinators

Open water swimming affairs

Open Water Coordinator

Kevin Sullivan

Para, adaptive, or special needs athletes

Disability coordinator

Glenda Orth

Meet sanctions

Sanction coordinator

Eric Pingel

Times verification, SWIMS database, GSI swimming Records

Times coordinator

Oded Ravid

Safety education plans, programs, and policies

Coordinating safety enhancement and training opportunities

Operational Risk

Brook Kubik

Auxiliary volunteers

Officials recruitment, new officials

Officials training coordinator

Clarice Wasmuth

LSC Team Travel (Zone trip, LSC Select camp)

Zone Team Manager

Sydney Pepper

GSI Personnel, BOD & Committee nominations 

Governance committee Chair

Karl Krug

Code of Conduct Violation Reporting Admin Board of Review Charles Todd

FAQ/I want to... 

Bring up new business item/legislation

Business Manager

John Pepper

Start a new swim club


Lora Thompson

Social Media Director (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Weekly Newsletter) Director of Social Media Veronica Burchill

Submit a sanction request, observed meet request

Sanctions Chair

Eric Pingel

Add a meet/event to the calendar

Technical Planning Chair

Matthew Grant