Athlete Reps for the 2021-22 Season

Senior Athlete Reps
Elizabeth Isakson and Hanna Burke 

Junior Athlete Reps
Rachel Todebush and Gracie Byerly

Athlete Committee
The Athlete Committee is made up of the Club Athlete Representatives and led by the Senior and Junior Athlete Representatives. The athletes help the LSC determine what to do more of, what to change, and how the athletes can better be served by the LSC.

Club Athlete Representative
The Club Athlete Representative is responsible for being the voice of the athletes on their club team and attending the annual athlete meetings. Their role is to take ideas and feedback from their club team to the Athlete Committee and vice versa. 

Appointment: Club Athlete Representatives are appointed by their respective club coach.

Junior Athlete Representative
The Junior Athlete Representative is an elected position and serves on the Georgia Swimming Board of Directors. Their role is to help the Senior Athlete Representative lead the Athlete Committee and be the voice of the athletes for the LSC.

Voting: The Junior Athlete Representative is elected at the Long Course Senior State meet by the Club Athlete Representatives in attendance and one coach per club team. Clubs with less than 200 registered athletes will receive one athlete vote. Clubs with 201 to 450 registered athletes will receive two athlete votes. Clubs with more than 451 registered athletes will receive three athlete votes. An Athlete-At-Large may also be appointed each year in addition to the elected Junior Athlete Representative. 

Campaigning: Posters on deck and social media promotion is allowed and encouraged. Subjective words or slogans referring to another candidate, swimmer, team, etc. are not allowed. The last day to announce your candidacy is two weeks before the Senior State meet.

Senior Athlete Representative
The Senior Athlete Representative is the previous year’s Junior Athlete Representative. Their role is to be the leader of the Athlete Committee and serve as the voice of the athletes for the LSC.

Voting: The Junior Athlete Representative automatically becomes the Senior Athlete Representative after the completion of their term as the Junior Athlete Representative. There is no second vote.

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