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The updated list of approved CPR/AED providers can be located: Click Here

The updated skills checklist for In-water Safety Training for Swim Coaches providers can be located:Click Here


These changes are effective immediately. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Coaches Committee
The Coaches Committee is made up of all of the coaches in good standing in the LSC and led by the elected Coach Representatives.
The purpose of the committee is to provide an outlet for coaches to voice their opinions to the LSC and
create educational opportunities for coaches,including but not limited to the coach mentorship program and
educational sessions at the Spring and Fall LSC meetings. 


2020 Spring Meetings

Cup of Change - Jennifer Bowers

Athlete Speaker meeting link:

Coaches Meeting link:
2019 Meetings

Dana Skelton Coaches Notes

Light from Behind

Kids Deserve an Excited Adult

The Art of Coaching From a 10 and Under Perspective

Coach Mentorship Program
The Coach Mentorship Program provides opportunities for novice coaches to connect with experienced coaches,
and for coaches to grow their strengths by learning from other coaches. To participate as a
mentor or to request a mentor, please complete the application below. Reimbursement for approved
expenses is available. 

Download Coach Mentor Application (PDF)
Download Coach Mentor Application (Word)
Download Travel Reimbursement Request Form (PDF)

Coaches Available as Mentors:

  • Ian Goss
  • Matthew Grant
  • Ian Murray
  • Kevin Sullivan

If you have questions, please contact our Coaches Chair.

Coaches with Tenure in Georgia Swimming

Coaches Name                   Years in Georgia Coaching

Alexzander Walker 2
Benjamin Munster 2
Chris Pierson 2
Christian Reaume 2
Claire Rowcliffe 2
Clayton Forde 2
Dave Beem 2
Josie Hadaway 2
Madeline Appleton 2
Maggie Monforte 2
Maggie Monforte 2
Melissa Johnson 2
Myka Murphy 2
Skyelar Salmon 2
Tiffany Edwards 2
Adrienne Levesque 3
Casey Hall 3
Devyn Collins 3
Eric Hofstetter 3
Greg Gillette 3
Laura Lim Sang 3
Meredith Wells 3
Brittany Herndon 4
Caroline Brassfield 4
Daniel Jackson 4
Emily Cameron 4
Ian Murray 4
Jarrod Hunte 4
Jesse Lewis 4
Mark Keaveney 4
Michael Reynolds 4
Shannon O’Malley 4
Austin Sumrall 5
Crystal Tavares 5
Kai Smith 5
Richard Kennedy 5
Andrew Beggs 6
J. Cherie Empson 6
Jennifer Bowers 6
Katerina Flanders 6
John Eife 7
Beau Caldwell 8
Helmut Levy 8
Kevin Patrick Sullivan 8
Ana Gabriela Matthews 9
Cari Best 9
Dennis Lugemwa 9
Dustin Bengston 9
Erin PItman 9
Karl Krug 9
Larry Baskin 9
Leslie Landey 9
Joji Castillo 10
Mike Radford 10
Nick Graves 10
Pat Eddy 10
Patrick Thoreson 10
Thomas Rey 10
Adam Sasso 11
Amy Brown 11
Lucas Curotto Ferreira 11
Marianne Countryman 11
Mike Wardwell 11
Denise Sturman 12
Meredith Green 12
Sydney Pepper 12
Tera Wilkins 12
Kathy Lim Sang 13
Jason Meszaros 15
Matthew Grant 15
Andrew Griffin 16
John Pepper 16
Scott McIntyre 16
Barry Gay 17
Mandi Bell 17
Michael Irish 17
Michael Kirkpatrick 18
Wesley Hamborg 18
Kamau Hogan 19
Sergiy Useinov 19
Elisha 'Reno' Bashir 23
Mark schilling 23
Anthony Rabern 24
Hugh Convery 25
Jim McGinnis 25
Landon Harris 25
Tim DeMott 25
Beth Murphy 26
Melissa Wilborn 28
Andrew Baer 29
Penny Walleshauser 29
Gene Paliskis 30
Ian Goss 32
Jabari King 32
Pat Murphy 37
Harvey Humphries 41
Lee Stockslager 42
Karen Carr 50
Jim Young 57